Guide On Sports Betting: Is it possible to beat the bookies?

Sports betting industry is getting bigger and bigger by every year, and that is certainly not happening because there are a lot of profitable players. The stats show that only 3% of punters are having positive numbers when it comes to sports betting, and actually some of them are making a living from it.

That is not an easy thing to do. Player needs to have the knowledge, very strong discipline and ability to endlessly follow the previously set rules and bankroll management percentages.

A majority of players tend to bet online nowadays and this type of betting has a lot of advantages. You can easily compare the odds and it is always wise to have a couple of accounts opened with different bookies, not just one. Another important thing is to figure out which ones are offering best welcome bonuses, as this may play a crucial role in your winnings.

You should definitely never rush when searching for the right bet. Make sure to always check the fixture list for the whole week and be patient. Your bet doesn’t have to happen on the same day.

Besides that, even if you have strong knowledge of sports, it doesn’t cost you anything to hear what other experts have to say for the upcoming matches and maybe find out some very important information, like bad atmosphere within the team or some key player getting injured.

Looking on the web, we have found a couple of really good betting sites, like, which are getting updated on daily basis with fresh information and predictions of their sports writers. As already mentioned above, all this comes for free, and it should be used as an extra info.

Always, but always go for the best odds for the particular match. This is probably one of the key steps in beating the bookies, which is why we always suggest having a couple of different accounts open.