Game On! Best Football Games To Live Out Your Fantasy

Football is easily the most popular sport genre that gamers enjoy. While there have been numerous competitors throughout the years, football, in one way or another, has always come out on top.

There are also a large variety of football style games, be a player, manage a team, and even online football themed slots. Here are the best games you can play right now to live out your footballing dreams.


The king of football games has to be FIFA. It has been popular amongst fans since the 90’s, and has only developed a bigger audience since then, and it really is no surprise why. The game has quite literally everything.

You can play as almost any team from across the globe, whether it is at club level or an international team, there is a career mode, you can play against friends online. From drafting a team, to opening packs to build the strongest team possible.

There is a ton of replayability, and considering each and every year you can play and as some of the best footballers to ever play the game, fans just keep coming back for more.

Football Manager

If playing football isn’t your thing, and you see yourself more as a coach, Football Manager is for you. A game that has been around for almost as long as FIFA, Football Manager does exactly what it says on the can, allows you to manage.

Take control of your team’s tactics, substitutions, signings and everything in between to lead your team to championship glory, trophies, and beyond. It is highly detailed, incredibly addictive, and considering it is available on almost all types of devices nowadays, you can play it wherever, whenever.

Pro Evolution Soccer

The biggest competitor to FIFA is Pro Evolution Soccer. While it does lag behind FIFA as it doesn’t have the same amount of licenses as FIFA, PES is still highly loved by fans simply for how it plays.

This past year also saw PES take a leap beyond FIFA in a way, instead of releasing a whole new game for the year, they basically released a DLC type update instead, saving fans a ton of money, while also giving them all the new updates for the new year. Great business decision and it went down very well with fans.


TOTOBALL is a more unusual football game, but it is something that is familiar to almost everyone, foosball. It is very simple, and plays exactly like the tabletop game we all know, except on your PC.

Considering how popular the tabletop version is, whether it is at a pub, bar, or even in the office break room it is no surprise that there is a digital version, and TOTOBALL is easily the best iteration of it, simple and clean and incredibly fun and addictive.

Rocket League

A game that many forget is actually a football game is Rocket League. The high speed, 3v3 combat/football/racing game exploded onto the scene and has kept its popularity intact ever since.

The game is simple, you control a car and using speed boosts, flips, spins, and destroying your opponents, your goal is simple, to score. And while that does sound and look simple, the mechanics of the game make it much more tricky, especially if you end up playing against opponents who know what they are doing.

Football, Tactics & Glory

A game that is basically a combination of football and chess, Football, Tactics & Glory puts a strategic spin on the sport. It is turn based, with you having to think a few steps ahead of your opponent to either score or prevent them from scoring.

While there have been a ton of turn based titles in the past, you’ll be hard pressed to remember any football themed ones. The game isn’t even bad or gimmicky, it is very enjoyable and one of those games that you just can’t stop playing.

Rumble Stars

Rumble Stars is a mobile football game that features colorful characters and graphics, ridiculous abilities, and a PvP mode, just think of the least realistic football game you can, and that is what Rumble Stars is.

Considering it is a mobile game, it is still very fun, quite detailed, and is definitely a great choice if you are sitting on the train, waiting for someone, or just looking to burn 10 minutes playing a few games.

Top 11 Football Manager

Another mobile, free game is Top 11 Football Manager. Once again, it is a management, but unlike Football Manager, it is free. It is pretty much the same as Football Manager, but just a version that you can take on the go.

As you can see, there are actually a number of very fun and enjoyable football games that aren’t FIFA, for you to play. Speaking of FIFA, it may be the best football game out there, but there are a few that are definitely worth picking up and playing, you won’t be left disappointed, and you might even become a football fan if you aren’t already.