Fun Activities To Do During Quarantine

When you had already managed to sleep off, the general cleaning of the house and the revision of the first aid kit were also done, we will tell you what else you can do in quarantine, and how to turn it into a pleasant pastime. You can learn something online, play in non UK casinos, work out, make experiments in the kitchen, and many other things.

PC and Console Gaming

If you get bored, then try to immerse yourself in the world of computer games. You will be surprised how realistic the graphics have become in AAA projects. Play online with other players in shooters, sports simulations, and other games. All you need is a modern PC or console.

Online learning

Training courses and free lectures stand out. For example, you can learn new things by mastering knowledge from courses that are posted on the Coursera online platform. More than a few thousand free courses will be offered here.

The online video lecture hall offers many interesting lectures on film, theater, literature, music, history, fashion, and more. Educational portals offer many courses free of charge. The various workshops will teach techniques for working on your thinking and raising self-esteem.

Business courses are for those who wish to boost their knowledge in the field of marketing and entrepreneurship. You can also boost your skills and motivations by watching videos on the TED platform.

Gambling Online

If you want to dilute your home hours with various kinds of entertainment, then online gambling is the spiciest choice. You can play for real money or without spending a penny. You can choose any non-UK casino to play. There are many games available:

  • slots;
  • roulette;
  • blackjack and poker;
  • baccarat;
  • live casino.

Take full advantage of online casinos and access the best games from the comfort of your own home. Feel the atmosphere of a real gambling hall with the live casino function. Use various bonuses, participate in tournaments, and a loyalty program.

Online sports, yoga, and meditation

Since many gyms and clubs are closed, visitors are switching to online workout. You can keep in touch with the trainer and, according to his recommendations, do homework, or practice together on the air. There are tons of sports apps on the web that are free to install on your phone or tablet.

You can connect friends to classes, and it will be interesting to compete and share your achievements. Fans of long walks will be upset because you cannot find the minimum required 10 thousand steps a day around the apartment. Inexpensive steppers will come to the rescue. 

Free time should be given to yoga and meditation. You can even find an online app with a free trial to get started.

Wardrobe revision

Revision of the wardrobe is a very useful activity, especially on the eve of Christmas and New Year when it is recommended to cleanse the home of unnecessary things.

After the general cleaning of the house was carried out, the turn came to the wardrobes. Long hours during quarantine can be spent sorting things. They are divided into those that need to be thrown away, sold, given away, or left. Some clothing will definitely need repair.

From the things left after the revision of the wardrobe, you can create fashionable and completely unexpected images.

Watching online cinema and theater, visits to virtual museums

Today at home you can watch almost any film that was previously shown in cinemas or subscribe to online streaming services. You can spend your time more elegantly while watching a classical concert or performance. All this can be found on streaming services, YouTube, social networks.

It is worth noting that many opera theatres have opened archives and broadcasts online recordings of ballets and operas daily. The Bavarian State Opera will make free online viewing of six performances of the 2019/2020 season, the Berlin Philharmonic has opened a free digital hall, during the quarantine, it streams its concerts for free and the Budapest State Opera do the same.

You can walk around the Museums: The Louvre and Orsay, the Uffizi Gallery, the Prado, Van Gogh, Guggenheim and Metropolitan Museum, the Hermitage, and other major museums online.

For example, the Louvre online gallery exhibits more than three dozen famous works, and the Google Arts & Culture app gives access to the exhibitions of 250 of the world’s best museums and galleries.

Making culinary experiments

If at normal times we have no time to cook culinary masterpieces, then during the quarantine period, this activity can be a stunning experience. Eating during isolation is already being turned into entertainment and even a challenge: after examining food supplies, you can really create a new dish.

Ahead is the wintertime and some would like to lose weight. In quarantine, you can learn to eat right and on time, not to overeat, because there is no longer an opportunity to taste fast food. At the same time, proper nutrition can be varied, dishes are prepared simple, but low-calorie.

The right homemade desserts are becoming available, such as dried fruit bars, banana ice cream, and unsweetened whole-grain pastries with non-fat cream soaked in.

Financial literacy online

It’s time to come to a system of prudent financial management. No matter how much a person earns, a lack of financial discipline leads to collapse.

Free hours and days can be spent on creating your own financial plan for the future. First, it is worth analyzing what the money has been spent on in the past few months, whether there have been large purchases. It’s time to set up auto payments, cashback, open a “smart account”, with the help of which you can really save up for something that was previously lacking in financial resources.