FPL Winner 2012/13 – FISO Member spiderm4tt

Hi all, 

As requested by FISO and their amazing community of FISOers, here is my article on ‘How I won the Fantasy Premier League 2012/13’.

I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I did writing it.  Though I must warn you, it
is a long article.
 As I have reflected on each one of the 38 Gameweeks (GWs) in a week-by-week format, as some of you requested me to do so because it is a long summer while we wait for the new Fantasy Premier League (FPL) season to begin.

I was initially just going to just write up the selected important GWs of my FPL season, but when looking back at my season as a whole, every single GW meant something important in the context of the whole season that eventually ended up me winning the title by just 2pts.  What I have realised now more than ever before from this reflection on my whole FPL season, is that every single GW point counted!

I have tried to be as brief and concise as possible for each GW whilst getting the important and significant details in.  This obviously gets more difficult for me to achieve towards the end of the season when FPL went into ‘overdrive’ with the end of season double GWs ‘madness!’

I would just like to say just in case anybody doesn’t get to the end of this article due to ‘death by reading’, is that throughout my winning season, I shared and discussed many FPL tactics here at FISO, to which you all here were a great help to me each GW.  So I am glad I can share with you my week-by-week thoughts and insight that were behind my each
and every decision that I made in my in my quest for the overall FPL crown.  

I hope you find it interesting, and I hope it will inspire someone out there to go and win it in the future!


Matt (spiderm4tt)


Pre season:


As soon as the FPL game was launched during the
summer of 2012, the planning began immediately for GW1, which was a Double GW
(DGW) involving Chelsea and Reading, due to Chelsea’s involvement in the UEFA
Super Cup that was to take place over the weekend of GW3. 

I immediately decided to ‘go all out’ for this
opening DGW by loading up on the maximum allowance of three players from each of
the two teams involved.
 I wanted a good
start, as it was likely to assume that out of 2.6m players participating in the
FPL game, a fair few players would be doing this, and I didn’t want to get left
behind, or playing ‘catch up’, from the very start.
 I also loaded up on three players from the
current Premier League Champions, Man City, as they had an opening ‘nice
fixture’ at home to a newly promoted Southampton team.

 An ‘in-form’ Gerrard fresh in off the back of a decent
Euro 2012 for him, and the solid defender, Vermaelen, who is an attacking
threat from corners and set plays, as well as having a good chance of getting a
home clean sheet against his opponents, Sunderland, made up the rest of my GW1
starting eleven.

Apart from my goalkeeper Begovic, my bench was made
up of cheap ‘fodder’ so I could free up the necessary funds to field a strong
first eleven DGW1 team.



Federici (x2),

Lescott, Vermaelen, Harte (x2),

Hazard (x2), Gerrard, Lampard (c)(x2), Yaya,

Pogrebnyak (x2), Torres (x2), Tevez.

Bench: Begovic, Fabio, Barnett, Briton.

It turned out to be a fairly decent opening GW for
me as I hoped it would be.
 I accumulated
98pts and was positioned overall just inside the top 10,000.  Captain
Lampard got me a nice 32pts, but it was Hazard who I was most impressed by as he
returned 21pts from his five assists over the two games.  I initially
wanted Mata instead of Hazard as Mata was a proven FPL player, whereas Hazard
was not, or a ‘Carlos Kickaball’ (CK) as some would say when a foreign player
is not proven in the English Premier League….but Mata was fatigued due to the
summer Olympics and Euros, so I took a punt on a ‘not so risky’ CK! 

My other key GW contributors were a goal each from
Tevez, Torres and Pog. Yaya chipped in with an assist,while Vermaelen got me
8pts from a clean sheet and two bonus points (BAPs) in a nil-all home draw to


I decided before GW1 that I was always going to
Wildcard (WC) for GW2 due to the team I picked for the DGW1, which wasn’t the
team I wanted if GW1 was a single GW.
therefore treated GW2 as GW1.  I did not want to go in to GW2 and beyond
with 5 or 6 players from Chelsea and Reading (who both had no GW3), and three
players from Man City.

So playing my WC was a fairly easy decision to make
for me.  I wanted to build on my good start and revert to my tactics from
my relatively ‘successful’ early FPL days, which was to play a cheap
goalkeeper, three fairly cheap defenders, and to ‘go all out’ for a powerful
front seven or eight players, which is where the majority of FPL points are to
be gained it its current format.

Team changes this GW as seen below were many after
playing my WC.


Clyne, Hangeland, Shawcross,

Ben Arfa, Michu (c), Hazard, Bale,

Suarez, Rooney, Tevez.

Bench: Cerny, Kacanikilc, Cuellar, Demel.

I scored a modest 69pts from this GW.  I got a disappointing red arrow and went down
to 16,759 position overall.  I was though fairly happy with the GW score
and I had most of the players I wanted, including the now not so CK, Michu, who
I immediately got in after his opening day 18pt haul at QPR.
  I even trusted him with the armband, which
turned out well with his 20pts return. Hazard and Tevez chipped in nicely again
with their hauls of 13pts and 12pts respectively.

Other key contributors to my GW score were a goal
from Suarez at home to Man City, while Vorm and Shawcross each getting me a
welcomed clean sheet.

My team value increased from 100m to 100.8m.  Though I was fairly happy with GW2, I was not
happy in that I picked the wrong Man Utd forward.
  I went for Rooney over RvP for the reason I
thought RvP may need some games to ‘bed in’….but I was wrong, so I
immediately acted on this for GW3 by getting him straight in to my team.


My priority for this GW and beyond was to stick
with my FPL tactics.
 I decided to play
this seasons FPL in blocks of three GWs, in other words, I set up my team to the
near maximum points potential for the very next GW, and for the next two GWs
beyond this.
  I never looked beyond three
GWs unless there was a DGW on the horizon.
 The reason why I never looked beyond three GWs is that it’s virtually
impossible to predict what player will be in form or fit, or in/out of favour,
beyond this period, as we all know a week is a long time in football, and the
same goes for FPL.

My main priority for this GW, and the two GWs beyond,
was getting in RvP.  I had to take a -4pt hit to fund the Rooney to RvP
move. Hangaland to McCartney seemed a reasonable option to free up the needed
cash for RvP.
  I am not a fan of taking
points hits, unless it is absolutely necessary, and RvP was just this, absolutely
necessary for his away game at Southampton and beyond.

Team changes this GW were Demel in for the sold
Hangaland, Cuellar in for Clyne based on Sunderland’s ‘better fixture’ at
Swansea compared to Clyne at home to Man Utd. Kacanikilic came in for Hazard,
who had no fixture due to already playing it in the DGW1.
  Finally, RvP replaced Rooney, which was a
decision I never looked back on throughout the season.


Shawcross, Demel, Cuellar,

Ben Arfa, Michu, Kacanikilic, Bale,

Suarez, RvP (v) Tevez (c).

Bench: Cerny, Hazard (no game), McCartney,

A nice 74pts this GW, including a welcome 30pt haul
from captain Tevez, and a 15pt haul from newly transferred in RvP.
 Michu scrored again proving he wasn’t a CK,
and Ben Arfa chipped in nicely with a goal and two BAPs.
  Demel got me nice cleanie after playing 77
minutes in a 3-0 Hammers win at home to Fulham.

This GW score gave me a green arrow to move up to
11,366 overall.
 Though I never even gave
it a second thought about my overall position…I just wanted to win my mini
league (ML) again this season and I think I moved up into the top three there
this GW, so I was happy! My team value shot up to 102.1m, which was also good
to see at his early stage of the season.
 It was therefore a reasonably good start for
me this season.



For some reason I wasn’t happy with Suarez.
He reminded me very much of last season, where he didn’t turn his good
play in to FPL points.  Also I was impressed by Arsenal and in particular,
Cazorla, who ‘ran the game’ at Liverpool in Arsenal’s impressive GW3 win.
I didn’t have any ‘much needed’ Arsenal coverage. I wanted Cazorla in and
this was at the expense of Kacanikilic because I was happy with my other big
scoring midfielders.  I couldn’t fund the Cazorla move with the one weekly
free transfer (FT), so Suarez had to make way for the only forward I could
afford, which was Reading’s Pog!
was my second -4pt hit of the season.

Team changes this GW were Hazard and Cazorla coming
straight in for the departed Suarez and Kacanikilic.
  This gave me a strong five man midfield,
while Pog was on the bench.


Shawcross, Demel, Cuellar,

Hazard (v), Ben Arfa, Michu, Cazorla (c), Bale,

RvP, Tevez.

Bench: Cerny, Pog, McCartney, Clyne.

A dismal GW score of just 44pts and a GW ranking 859,274,
which nearly got me entry into the ‘millionaires club’, gave me another red
arrow.  I dropped position to 15,895 overall.  Captain Cazorla only got me 10pts in a 6-1
Arsenal thumping win at home to Southampton. This was very disappointing captain
pick, but the ‘potential haul’ from him was there to be seen nevertheless.

My other key GW contributors of note were Bale
finally getting off the mark this season with an 11pt haul at Reading. Tevez
got me some more early season points with another assist, while Demel produced
another clean sheet away at Norwich.  Was
there a potential legend here in the making playing right back for the Hammers?
Ok maybe not, just yet anyway.



Despite my disappointing GW4 score, I was happy
with my team.  I had the big midfielders
and forwards in place, with a cheap back line and keeper who were all capable
of getting the odd extra points here and there.  Therefore, I decided to save my FT and roll it
over to the next GW.

Team changes this GW was only the one, that was Clyne
at home to Villa, rather than Cuellar away at West Ham.


Clyne, Shawcross, Demel, 

Hazard (c), Ben Arfa, Michu, Cazorla, Bale (v),

RvP, Tevez.

Bench: Cerny, Pog, McCartney, Cuellar.

I scored a modest and above average 53pts this GW.  This gave me a green arrow to take me up a
couple of thousand to 13,502 overall.  My
key performers this GW were another goal from RvP to return me 6pts. Ben Arfa
returned 8pts from an assist and two BAPs, while Bale and Cazorla continued
their good form by chipping in with an assist each and five BAPs between

The nice surprise of this GW came from Clyne, who
got me 9pts from a goal and two BAPs in the Saints 4-1 home win against Villa.  My captain Hazard disappointingly got me just
6pts in total. However, it wasn’t a bad GW overall and I had saved and rolled
over my FT to next week.



This GW was fairy straight forward for me.  I was happy with my team.  I had two FTs this so I used my saved FT to
get in Clark, who had WBA at home, for the injured Cuellar.
 Clark had an interesting start to the FPL
season to say the least with his five previous GW scores of 1, -3, 11, 7, and
-2…..so he was ‘due’ a good positive number from this GW!

Clark instead Clyne was my only GW team change from
last GW.


Demel, Clark, Shawcross, 

Hazard, Ben Arfa, Michu, Cazorla, Bale,

RvP (c), Tevez (vc).

Bench: Cerny, Pog, Clyne, McCartney.

In fairly low scoring GW, I got another above
average return of 54pts.  This gave me a
huge green arrow to shoot me up almost 6000 places to an overall position of
7,887, and more importantly at the time, I was only 3pts off top spot in my ML!

Captain RvP, however, could have got me more than
his 10pts by just getting the one assist, but a nice 16pt haul from Bale, a
cleanie from Shawcross, an assist and one BAP from the newly transferred in
Clark, and two BAPs from Tevez, saved my GW, as the rest of my team drew



Again I was happy with my team for this GW apart from
Shawcross.  I cannot remember the exact reason why, but I decided to use
my saved FT to ship him out for Gallas.  I think my reasoning was that I
made some money owning Shawcross and wanted to bring in some much needed spare
money for possible future transfers.  Also Shawcross had Liverpool away,
while Gallas had Villa and Chelsea at home, then Swansea away, with the
potential of Wigan at home after this.

So it was the same team as previous GW apart from
Gallas in for Shawcross.


Demel, Clark, Gallas, 

Hazard (c), Ben Arfa, Michu, Cazorla, Bale (v),

RvP, Tevez.

Bench: Cerny, Pog, Clyne, McCartney.

I scored a modest 57pts this GW, which was again
only just another above average GW score for me.  However, it gave me
another green arrow, but I only went up around 200 places overall to position

I picked the right captain this GW.  Hazard got me 18pts from a goal and two BAPs
in home win to Norwich.  Cazorla and Michu both chipped in again with
another goal each, while the newly transferred in Gallas rewarded me instantly
with a clean sheet and a BAP in a Spurs 2-0 win against the Villa. RvP and
Tevez continued with their weekly returns by getting me an assist each.



Yet again I am happy with my front seven ‘big
hitters’ for this GW.  I have again two FTs.  I wasn’t happy with
Demel’s poor form and scoring so I decided to get in Ben Davies for just 4.0m.  Davies looked to have the left back slot his
own due to the first choice left back, Taylor, unfortunately sustaining a
broken leg.   A 4.0m defender again was just
what I wanted so I could stick to my game plan of spending heavy up top on a
big front seven.

The two changes this GW were Davies in for the
transferred out Demel, and McCartney in for Clark, who I think was injured.


Davies, McCartney, Gallas, 

Hazard, Ben Arfa, Michu, Cazorla (v), Bale,

RvP (c), Tevez.

Bench: Cerny, Pog, Clark, Clyne.

I got a decent total GW score of 66pts compared to
the average GW score of just 43pts.  This
score got me a significant green arrow as I was now in 2,037 position overall,
to which then I did take note of this huge jump in the overall rankings.  However, I was still more concerned about
getting top spot in my ML, where I had closed the gap now to just 7pts!

Bale pulled out of this GW before kick off to
attend the birth of his child.  Pog came
in as substitute and got me an expected poor return of 2pts. Captain RvP had a
nice of 22pts, which included a goal, an assist and two BAPs.  Michu continued his superb start to the season
by scoring another welcomed goal, while Hazard and Tevez both chipped in with
three assists between them.  A Gallas goal was a nice surprise against
Chelsea, and this made up for the four goals that were conceded by Spurs and



With no issues concerning my team I decided to use
my rolled over FT on getting in Begovic for Vorm.  Vorm had served me well, but with Begovic in
good form, and his forthcoming next three fixtures of Sunderland (h), Norwich
(a) and QPR (h), he was straight into my team.  Vorm conversely had three tough fixtures
coming up with Man City (a), Chelsea (h), then Southampton (a).

My team changes this GW were the transferred in
Begovic for the transferred out Vorm.  Clark
was favoured over Davies due to Swansea having Man City away while Villa had
Norwich at home.  I also benched Michu in
favour of Pog, who I thought had the potential to get some points at home to


Cark, McCartney, Gallas, 

Hazard, Ben Arfa, Cazorla (v), Bale,

RvP, Tevez (c), Pog.

Bench: Cerny, Michu, Clyne, Davies.

My total GW score was again 66pts like last
week.  This score again gave me again
another significant green arrow as it shot me up in to the top 1000 to 777 overall
position.  Captain Tevez got me a nice
18pts with another goal and three BAPs.  RvP
and Bale each got hauls of 12pts and 10pts respectively.  Hazard got me another assist, while an unexpected
assist came from McCartney away at Wigan. A cleanie from the newly transferred
in Begovic also helped my cause this GW.  Pog didn’t run riot against Fulham, he got me
a disappointing 2pts!



I approached this GW in good shape and form, but I
wasn’t happy with Pog in my squad.
 Also Ben
Arfa had a poor run of recent GWs.  Stirling was showing good early season
form and looked a bargain at 5.1m as he was getting regular starts for
 Also Ba was ‘ripping it up’
at Newcastle, and I thought he was good value at 8.3m.
 So I used my two FTs on Pog to Ba, and Ben
Arfa to Stirling.
 I now felt I had a
powerful front eight players, rather than a powerful front seven players.
The only problem is when you have a powerful front eight, one of these
players has to be benched as you can only play a front seven.  My initial
thoughts were to rotate Ba and Michu or Stirling.

Team changes this GW were Stirling and Michu in for
the transferred out Ben Arfa and Pog, while I had a stronger bench with Ba
instead of Pog, which was much welcomed!



Cark, McCartney, Gallas, 

Stirling, Michu, Hazard, Cazorla, Bale (v),

RvP (c), Tevez.

Bench: Cerny, Ba, Davies, Clyne.

I only got a just above average score of 49ts this
GW, so it was a nice surprise to jump up in to 394 overall position.  Captain RvP got me 16pts with another goal and
three BAPs against his former club Arsenal, while Cazorla returned with 8pts
with a goal and a BAP in the same fixture at Old Trafford.  Clean sheets from Clark and McCartney were most
welcomed but were the only points of note here this GW as everyone else drew a

What was good about this GW for me was that I
climbed up to 1st place in my ML!



Going in to this GW, again I felt I had a decent
team and squad to keep me up there at the top of my ML and possibly push me higher
up the overall rankings.  My only concern
was Gallas.  Spurs were not keeping clean
sheets and Gallas was not scoring well, and with the next two GWs being away
games at Man City and Arsenal, I wanted to ship him out.  

Shawcross returning to my team was the target due
to his good form and his potential for clean sheets and BAPs from his
forthcoming fixtures of QPR (h), West ham (a) and Fulham (h), which were all ‘attractive
fixtures’.  So I used my only FT on Gallas
to Shawcross, which allowed me to double up on Stoke’s back line.

Team changes for this GW were the transferred in
Shawcross for the transferred out Gallas. Davies was in for McCartney due to
what I thought was a better away fixture for Swansea at Southampton, rather
than West Ham at Newcastle.  I decided to
play Ba at home to the Hammers rather than Stirling away at Chelsea.


Cark, Shawcross, Davies,

Michu, Hazard, Cazorla, Bale,

Ba (v), RvP (c), Tevez.

Bench: Cerny, Stirling, Clyne, McCartney.


This GW was very disappointing with a GW average score
of just 41pts, which put me well in to the millionaires GW rank club.  This poor score gave me a red arrow that
dropped me down to 1,168 overall position. Despite this, I held on to top spot
in my ML this GW, and I stayed number one there for the remainder of the season
to win it for the third time in seven seasons.  Hence I have three stars next to my team name
now, not two 🙂

The few key contributors to this GW were my Stoke
‘mini block’ defence, which kept a clean sheet. Shawcross also getting the
three extra BAPs was a nice welcome back present.  Playing Davies over McCartney didn’t work out
well as West Ham kept an unexpected clean sheet at Newcastle, and apart from an
assist from my captain RvP, the rest of my team all drew blanks in a GW I wish
to forget.



This GW was very important for me to bounce back
after the previous poor GW score and dropping out of the top 1000.  However, I kept faith with my team and I
decided that using a FT was not needed. 

Team changes for this GW were McCartney and Clyne in
for Davies and Clark, who the latter two had tough away games at Newcastle and
Man City.
  I also brought in Stirling for
Michu mainly due to Stirling’s good form and a home fixture to Wigan over
Michu’s away fixture at Newcastle and his run of three games without scoring
any points.


McCartney, Shawcross, Clyne,

Stirling, Hazard, Cazorla, Bale,

Ba (v), RvP (c), Tevez.

Bench: Cerny, Michu, Davies, Clark.

This was an important bounce back GW for me.  My total GW score of 79pts gave me a big
green arrow that shot me back up the overall ranking up to 421 position.

My GW captain RvP again let me down again with only
4pts.  However, Tevez’s haul of 19pts in
Man City’s 5-0 home thumping against Villa, Cazorla’s 13pt haul in Arsenals 5-2
home thumping against Spurs, and Stirling’s 11pts return at home to Wigan made
up for my poor captain return.  Other key
contributors were Hazard, Bale and Ba all scoring a goal, along with a nice Clyne
assist away at QPR. 

Having Michu on my bench with 9pts was not too
difficult to take considering the rest of my front seven bar RvP all produced good



Going into this GW I had
two FTs, which I felt I needed to use with the DGW16 Sunderland v Reading on
the horizon.  I was happy with my front
eight, but not happy with Davies and Clark, who were doing nothing!  So I transferred both of them out for DGW
cheap defenders, Cuellar and Gunter.

Two team changes this GW, Cuellar and Michu came
in for McCartney and Stirling. Though both in form, I favoured Michu over
Stirling due to his home fixture, against Stirling’s Liverpool.


Cuellar, Shawcross, Clyne,

Michu, Hazard, Cazorla, Bale (v),

Ba, RvP (c), Tevez.

Bench: Cerny, Stirling, Gunter, McCartney.

Only a modest 45pts return from this GW.  Apart from another double defensive pair of
clean sheets from my Stoke players with Shawcross picking up two more BAPS, a
cleanie from Clyne, and a Bale goal, nothing else happened for me this GW.  However, it was enough to give me another
green arrow and elevate me 100 plus places up to 301 position overall.

Just to note, that transferring out Davies and
Clark were not my greatest transfers of the season, as they both went on a
mini-run of good returns from this GW13.  However, I was thinking about the DGW16 coming
up, so hopefully I will be rewarded then, if not before.


Going into this GW I was happy with my team
so decided to save and roll over my FT.
fact it was a tough decision who to bench out of my front eight.
 I decided on recalling Stirling at the expense
of Ba.
  This decision was mainly based on
my Stoke ‘mini-block’ defence, who were playing home against Ba’s
  Another tactic of mine this
season, where possible, was not to play defenders against my front eight, or
vice versa.
  So it was my form Stoke
defenders that got the nod this GW over Ba, who was on the bench for Stirling.
 This being the only team change from last GW.


Cuellar, Shawcross, Clyne,

Stirling, Michu, Hazard (v), Cazorla, Bale,

RvP (c), Tevez.

Bench: Cerny, Ba, Gunter, McCartney.

I achieved a nice 60 pts this GW thanks to RvP (c)
getting an 18pt haul.  A goal and an
assist from Bale, a goal from Michu, and a cleanie from my last GW transfer,
Cuellar, also helped.  Tevez was
‘annoyingly’ left on the bench by Mancini, but my first sub Ba came in from the
bench with a goal away at Stoke, which spoiled my ‘mini block’ defence!  So a mixed outcome for me, which worked out ok
I suppose, and more importantly I got another nice green arrow to take my up a
further 100 plus places to 193 overall position.  My good start to the season just kept on



Heading into this GW with
2 FTs and with my eyes firmly set on trying to break into the top 100, I
decided to make a move for the DGW16 coming up involving Sunderland v
Reading.  I wanted Sunderland’s most
dangerous player, who in my opinion was Sessegnon, and with Norwich away this
GW, I thought the perfect opportunity to get him in was now.  I transferred him in at the expense of
Hazard, who was on poor run of returns and was also not completing 90 minutes
under the new Chelsea manager Rafa Benitez, who likes a rotation or two!

Team changes this GW were my new transfer Sessegnon
coming straight in for the transferred out Hazard. Ba earned a recall after his
goal last week and I expected him to add to his goal tally against Wigan at
home.  Michu, who I didn’t fancy ‘doing
much’ away at Arsenal, made way for Ba. McCarthy with a home fixture came in
for Clyne who faced Liverpool away.


Cuellar, Shawcross, McCarthy,

Stirling, Sessegnon,
Cazorla, Bale,

Ba (v), RvP (c), Tevez.

Bench: Cerny, Michu, Gunter, Clyne.

I amassed another 60pts total GW score, which was
the same score as the previous GW.  Also
like last GW, I got another green arrow, although it didn’t take me into the
top 100, it moved me closer, as I was now in overall position 137.  Maybe next week, the DGW, is my time for the
top 100?

The key contributors to my GW score were another
welcomed pair of clean sheets that included four BAPs from my two solid Stoke players,
which got me a total of 17pts between them.  This was added to by the ‘anticipated’ good
points return from Ba at home to Wigan, who scored a brace and collected all
three BAPs.  Also a goal each from the
returning to action Tevez, and my again captain RvP, was nice to see.  

However, it wasn’t all good news this GW as I missed
out on Michu’s ‘unexpected’ 16pt haul away at Arsenal. That’s 25pts I have missed
out on so far this season with benching Michu.  I was learning the hard way not to bench him!



It’s DGW16 involving Sunderland v Reading and
I’m on the brink of getting into the top 100 for the first time ever I think.
  I can’t remember or not if I achieved this in
my earlier FPL seasons.
  I suspect I
probably didn’t, as I think something as great as making the top 100 overall is
something that one would surely not forget!

I had 2 FTs going into this DGW, but I
decided I only wanted to use one FT to make up the maximum allowance of three
Sunderland players.
  I didn’t fancy
‘wasting’ a transfer in, and then eventually wasting a transfer out, on another
Reading player, as they didn’t inspire me at all.
  In fact my only Reading player, Gunter, who
wasn’t in the team at the time, would not have started for me anyway with their
two games being away.

Bale had picked up an injury that would
likely see him miss a few GWs, so I transferred him out for Gardner, who was
DGW16 player and was only 4.9m.  He was
showing some decent form for Sunderland and being on pens was a nice bonus.

Team changes this GW were Gardner in for
Bale, and the return of ‘never bench again’ Michu, for the Stirling.  As well as Michu’s good form, he had Norwich
at home, rather than Stirling’s away game at West Ham.


Cuellar (x2), Shawcross, Clyne,

Michu (v), Sessegnon
(c) (x2), Cazorla, Gardner (x2),

Ba, RvP, Tevez.

Bench: Cerny, Stirling, McCartney, Gunter (x2).

Well this was probably the most significant
GW of my FPL season to date, if not of my whole season.  My good total GW score of 90pts, which was GW ranked
6202, shot me up well into the top 100.  In
fact it shot me up into the top 20, 19th overall in fact!  What a huge GW this was for me.

My three DGW Sunderland players, including
captain Sessegnon, accumulated a total of 35pts, while my Stoke mini block
defence got me yet another most welcomed two clean sheets, which was away at
the struggling Villa.

Playing Michu ahead of Stirling worked out
well.  He continued his good form and rewarded
me with two goals. Also the ‘usual’ returns from RvP, and an assist from the
in-form Cazorla added to the total GW score.  Tevez nicely chipped in with two timely assists
despite only playing 39 minutes. But the nice surprise of the GW for me was
10pts from Clyne, who got a cleanie, an assist, and a bonus point.

Getting into the top 20 overall was a special
and significant moment for me.  Even
though I didn’t know it then, I was never to look back from this.  In fact from here on in, it spurred me on to
think and concentrate harder than ever before on FPL, as I now had my eyes
firmly set on achieving the ‘impossible’, that is being the World number one.



My thinking going into this GW after the excitement
of getting into the top 20 was just to keep going with the same tactics and
stick to my game plan. I had two FTs and I decided to use them both.  I discarded the Sunderland players of Cuellar
and Gardner, who in their next three fixtures had Man Utd and Saints away, then
Man City at home. Conversely, Glen Johnson was showing some good form with
21pts in his last two GWs and his next three fixtures looked ‘nice’, in
particular the next two, which were Villa and Fulham both at home. 

Also with Bale still out I wanted someone quality
and in form who could potentially score well over the next three GWs and maybe
beyond this.  The person I drafted in for
Gardner was the Liverpool captain, Gerrard, and like Johnson, he also had the
same ‘nice fixtures’.

The team changes this GW were Johnson and Gerrard
in for Cuellar and Gardner.  Also
McCartney returned for the ‘in-form’ Clyne as the Saints didn’t have a fixture
due to Chelsea participating in the FIFA World Club Championship this GW.


Johnson, Shawcross, McCartney,

Michu, Gerrard (v), Sessegnon, Cazorla,

Ba, RvP (c), Tevez.

Bench: Cerny, Stirling, Clyne, Gunter.

Well I didn’t think the previous GW week excitement
could be matched so soon, but it was.  I
scored a 40,063 GW ranking of 81pts, which elevated me into the ‘dizzy heights’
of World number two overall position.  Wow!

My captain armband this GW was firmly back on
RvP at home to Sunderland.  He rewarded
me with a nice haul of 24pts that included a goal, an assist, and all three
BAPs. Sessegnon chipped in nicely again with an assist, as so did Shawcross
despite his disappointing own goal at home to Everton.  My two GW transfers of Johnson and Gerrard
teamed up well to get me a total of 13pts. A Gerrard goal from a Johnson assist late on in their game was very nice
to see indeed. 

Though the surprise score of the round was a
huge 23pt haul from Cazorla that included a hat-trick away at Reading.  However, it wasn’t such a huge surprise to me
as Cazorla always looked likely to have ‘explosion imminent’ potential hauls in
him, similar to the great FPL player, Cesc Fabregas, who was though a more
consistent points scorer week in-week out than Cazorla.



Heading into this GW as World #2 was a good
feeling, but I wasn’t getting too carried away as it was only Christmas time
and there was a long way to go in the FPL season.
 My main focus now was not so much getting the
number one spot even though I was so near, but it was to just hang in there
inside the top three, and hopefully then the overall number one spot will eventually
come, but sooner rather than late however!

With the free winter WC looming, I decided to
use my only FT on a ‘punt’.  I didn’t
want to risk getting Bale back so soon after his injury and also he had a
tricky home game against my excellent Stoke defence!  So in the end I went for Yaya, who was showing
some good recent form and had three nice fixtures coming up that were Reading
at home, then Sunderland and Norwich away. I offloaded Sessegnon, despite him serving me well over the past few
GWs, he wasn’t showing this excellent form of last season.

The team changes this GW were Yaya in for
Sessegnon, and with Clyne returning for McCartney due to his good form and home
fixture to Sunderland.


Johnson, Shawcross, Clyne,

Michu, Gerrard, Cazorla, Yaya,

Ba (v), RvP, Tevez (c).

Bench: Cerny, Stirling, McCartney, Gunter.

This GW I got a satisfactory 64pts, which
although got me a red arrow, I only dropped one overall place to 3rdposition. 

My GW and top three position was saved
however by two ‘doublers’, which was again my Stoke ‘mini block’ defence that
got me 16pts, and also again by Gerrard and Johnson, who got me 22pts from
their home game to Fulham.

I was a bit disappointed as I was ready to
captain Gerrard this GW, but I was swayed by my logic, and also by the masses,
and went for Tevez captain at home to Reading, who only got me a measly 4pts.  Despite his one point bonus, my punt in Yaya
only delivered 3pts, but it was Michu again saved the day with another goal and
a bonus point against Man Utd at the Liberty Stadium.

Michu was now proving he was becoming ‘fixture
proof’, and ‘unbenchable’, if there’s such a word!



Going into the GW19 Boxing Day fixtures, I
wanted Bale back immediately. He had proved his fitness by completing ninety
minutes against Stoke last GW.  Bale in
my opinion, like RvP, was a ‘must have’ player to own when fit, as they were
the two most stand out Premier League players who have the potential to get
hauls each GW despite their fixtures.  To
me these players are ‘FPL Gold’, like Ronaldo, Cesc, Lampard and Gerrard all were
back in their hey-day.

So with Arsenal not having a fixture due to
the London tube strike, getting Bale in for the non-playing Cazorla was an easy
decision.  Again this decision to get rid
of Cazorla was made easy by the forthcoming winter WC, and with Arsenal’s
future DGW now on the cards, it wouldn’t be long before Cazorla and/or other
Arsenal players were back in my team for their future DGW.

Apart from Bale in for Cazorla, no other
changes were made this GW.


Johnson, Shawcross, Clyne,

Michu, Gerrard, Yaya, Bale (v),

Ba, RvP (c), Tevez.

Bench: Cerny, Stirling, McCartney, Gunter.

Again for the second consecutive GW I scored
a satisfactory 64pts.
  My captain was
again back on the ‘trustee’ RvP, who got me an 18pt haul at home to
  Gerrard scored for the third
game running with a penalty away at Stoke, which ruined my defensive mini block
cleanie however! This was bitter sweet I suppose.

Ba chipped in with a vital assist, but it was
the returning Bale who smashed in a hat-trick and haul of 21pts away at Villa.
Bale was my vice captain, but I wasn’t too disappointed as everyone around me
didn’t captain Bale also, I thought.

Late that evening I checked the FPL website
before I went to bed and seen that I was ranked World #1.  However, the bonus points were still to be
allocated, but I couldn’t see anyone overtaking me but I only checked down to around
20th overall position.  What I
didn’t know was that the World #27 that evening, Kelvin Travers, had captained

I woke up the next morning to see Kelvin had
pipped me by 1 or 2 pts to get the world number one spot. What a superb captain
choice from Kelvin, and it was the start his many number one ranked positions
to come this season.  Although I was
disappointed slightly not be officially number one, I was very happy to have a
green arrow to get back the 2nd place spot and be so close to the FPL


This GW I went in to thinking and planning
for the Arsenal and Chelsea forthcoming New Year DGWs.  I was probably always going to WC before the DGWs
but I decided to get an Arsenal player in for Yaya, who I wasn’t impressed with
and he was due to go to the African Cup of Nations.

Arsenal had Newcastle at home.  I went for Arteta over Walcott.  I can’t remember the exact reason I chose
Arteta over Theo, but I’m sure I couldn’t afford Theo without a hit, which I
wasn’t prepared to take as I didn’t think this was needed.  Also Arteta was showing some form as he
scored three goals in his last three games, albeit all being from the penalty

Changes to my team this GW were the
transferred in Arteta for transferred out Yaya. Stirling came in for the
injured Michu, and with Shawcross serving a one match ban for a 5thyellow card during GW19, Gunter was my only available defensive cover as
McCartney was injured.


Johnson, Clyne, Gunter,

Stirling, Gerrard, Arteta, Bale (v),

Ba, RvP (c), Tevez.

Bench: Cerny, Michu , McCartney, Shawcross.

I scored a disappointing 49pts this GW, which
was significantly lower than my rivals scores.
 This score gave me a red arrow to drop me down to 11thoverall position.

I severely missed out on Walcott’s 26pt haul,
which was compounded by Arteta only getting 2pts in Arsenal’s 7-3 hammering of
Newcastle at the Emirates Stadium, though it could have been a much worse GW
for me if I hadn’t of received the unexpected 10pts from Ba in this same
fixture.  A clean sheet from Reading’s
Gunter was most welcomed in my ‘patched up’ defence. 

Gerrard with an assist long with my captain
RvP goal plus two BAPS shared between them, were still consistently scoring good
returns for me, which helped as usual.

Anyway, let’s forget this GW and Theo’s haul and
move on to next week asap!



I may be out of the top 10, but I’m not far
from being in it either, so I just needed to get over the disappointment of
last week and hang in there.  Gareth Bale
was disappointingly suspended for Spur’s home visit of Reading. He would have been
my likely GW captain.  So rather than
bench Bale I used my FT to transfer him out for fast price rising Walcott after
his monster haul last GW.  I would be
looking at getting Bale back after the DGWs, as they are the priority now over
the next two GWs after this GW.

Team changes this GW were Walcott in for
Bale, and the returning players of Shawcross and Michu replacing Gunter and


Johnson, Shawcross, Clyne,

Stirling, Michu, Walcott, Gerrard (v),

Ba, RvP (c), Tevez.

Bench: Cerny, Arteta, McCartney, Gunter.


I got a respectful good score of 72pts this GW,
which was 20pts higher than the average GW score.  However, my good score was only ‘average’ to
my ‘rivals’ such as the quality of competition around me, therefore, I stayed
in 11th position overall.

My ‘trustee’ captain RvP smashed in two more goals,
an assist, and three BAPs, to accumulate a 32pt haul at struggling Wigan.  Gerrard continued his amazing run of points
with two more assists and a bonus point in 3-0 home win against Sunderland, which also seen Johnson get me a clean
sheet from this.  Stirling, who had
recently flattered to deceive since his good start to the season, got me a much
welcomed goal in the same fixture.  The newly
transferred in Walcott got me 7pts from an assist and a bonus point away at his
former club Southampton. 

I’m still hanging in there….now bring on the DGWs
22 and 23!



This GW involved a DGW for Chelsea and
Southampton so getting their players in were the priority for me this GW.  Also I had an eye on the next three GWs,
which included a DGW23 for Arsenal and West Ham.  There was only one thing for this to get the
players I needed….it was WC time again!!

Team changes for this GW as seen by my
team/squad below were a plenty due to my WC.  These changes were not only for the next three
GWs, but a core of these new players would remain with me for the second half
of the season right until the final GW.

It was sad to let go of the in-form Gerrard
and Johnson, but I was not sad to get rid of the waning Stirling, and also
Stoke’s ‘mini-block’ defence, which had served me so well, were now on the


Shaw, Luiz, Gibbs,

Walcott, Mata (c), Puncheon, Bale,

Lambert, RvP, Ba (v).

Bench: Rudd, Michu, Harte, Demel.

A huge 97pts score from this GW shot me right
back up to 3
rd place overall. It was a much welcome boost for me after the past few GW where I felt I
was struggling to hang in there.

The WC worked out for me. All six of my DGW players
produced returns, which included a haul of 32pts from captain Mata, 14pts from
the very impressive Lambert, and 12pts from the ‘cheap enabling’ 5thmidfielder, Puncheon.

I went with Shaw over Clyne as my cheap
Saints attacking fullback, and he didn’t let me down with his 7pts.  Ba scored for his new club Chelsea in a 9pt
return, while Luiz chipped in with 6pts. RvP scored again in a 2-1 home win to Liverpool, and the return of Bale
got me three welcomed BAPs in a nil-all draw at QPR, which was a nice surprise
to say the least.

This GW saw Julian Zipparo enter the fray as
the new World #1.  The ‘battle’ for the
FPL title was starting to take shape from here on in.



Well after the success of the previous DGW,
it was another DGW, and this time it involved Arsenal and West Ham. But this
time I didn’t ‘go for it’.
  In fact I
felt I ‘bottled’ this GW.
  For some
reason I decided to not play my only FT and stick with the four DGW players,
which included three defensive players and only Walcott being in my front eight.

I was so tempted to use my transfer, or even
take a hit. I wanted Cazorla.  I even
wanted Podolski as I was concerned about Ba’s minutes now he was at Chelsea.  Either player would have done but somehow I
‘chickened out’ and I regretted this non pro-active decision the moment the GW
deadline passed.  I think I chickened out
because Arsenal’s first DGW fixture was a tough away game at Chelsea, which
clouded my thinking for Arsenal’s nice home fixture against West Ham three days

Team changes this GW were the ‘legend in the
making’ Guy Demel, who was in for his DGW at the expense of the injured Luiz,
with Michu returning for Puncheon for Swansea’s home game against Stoke.

Jaask (x2),

Demel (x2), Gibbs (x2), Shaw,

Walcott (c) (x2), Michu, Mata, Bale,

Lambert, RvP, Ba (v).

Bench: Rudd, Pucheon, Luiz, Harte.

I scored a decent 79pts this GW thanks to a
Walcott 36pt haul, but I was to ‘suffer’ for not going with Cazorla or
Podolski, as they both produced nice returns especially at home to West Ham.
 I dropped overall league position down to 8th. 

I didn’t have much to take from this GW apart
from that I had the players I wanted for the next three GWs and potentially for
the final third of the season.  Oh, and I
had carried over my FT to next week!



Ok so it was time to
bounce back from the disappointment of last week.  It was time to make a move and be pro-active
again.  Luiz to Baines and Ba to Tevez
were my two FTs this GW. Baines was showing his usual good form and with his
next two games at home to West Brom and Villa, he was too good of an option to

Demba Ba had to go due to
his uncertainty of starts under Rafa, but I jumped out of the frying pan and
into the fire, as I replaced Ba with Tevez.  Tevez for me would have been one of the
bargains of the season if he had any other manager than Mancini, but I took a
risk and hoped Mancini would ‘see sense’ and play his best two strikers, Aguero
and Tevez, from the start week-in, week-out, now that Balotelli had departed
back to Italy.

Team changes this GW were
Harte in for Demel due to West Ham having an away fixture and Reading having a
home fixture, albeit Chelsea.  Also Harte
has more potential of points due to his crosses and set plays, including
penalty duties.  The only other change
was the transferred in Tevez for the transferred out Ba.


Harte, Baines, Gibbs,

Walcott, Michu, Mata, Bale,

Lambert, RvP (c), Tevez (v).

Bench: Rudd, Puncheon, Demel, Shaw,


I scored a total of 62pts
this GW, which was a good score compared to my rivals.  This score gave me a nice green arrow back up
to 4th place overall.

My trustee captain failed
with 4pts at home to Southampton, but my newly transferred in Baines returned
an impressive haul of 17pts after scoring both of Everton’s two goals in their
2-1 win at home to WBA.  Mata scored an
excellent 14pts, while Bale and Walcott both got a goal and 8pts each
respectively.  Tevez only got me 2pts
away at Reading, but at least he started, though he was disappointingly hauled
off by Mancini after 72mins, which was not a surprise for me given their recent
history.  I now started to wonder why I
re-bought Tevez.



This GW came at the end
of the Premier League January transfer window, in which not too many new winter
signings caught my eye just yet.  My only
FT this week was utilised on Gibbs out for Davies coming in.  Gibbs was injured and Davies had scored 22pts
in his last three games.  Also I wanted
to continue to my tactic of mainly having cheap defenders, so Davies at 4.4m was
just the player for my squad.

The only team change this
GW was Davies in for Gibbs. I was happy with everyone else, including Tevez.


Davies, Harte, Baines,

Walcott (v), Michu, Mata, Bale,

Lambert, RvP (c), Tevez.

Bench: Rudd, Puncheon, Demel, Shaw,


I got an ok GW score of
65pts, but this score was not good enough for a green arrow.  Instead I got a red arrow and I dropped two
places down to 6th position overall.

My captain RvP got me
10pts only due to his 3pt BAP.  Goals
from Mata, Bale and Lambert helped greatly, while a cleanie from Jaask and an
assist and two BAPs from Harte were most welcomed this GW.  Walcott, and my recent recruit Baines, also
chipped in with an assist each.  Tevez
was benched!  He didn’t even come on even
thought Man City were struggling to break down a resilient Liverpool team.  My first sub Puncheon came in for Tevez and
got me two points, great!



This GW was the much
anticipated DGW involving a potentially rampant Liverpool attacking line
against a Swansea team preparing for a League Cup Final the following week.  Learning from my mistakes in DGW23 where I did
not really go for it, I decided to go for this GW and I made two transfers,
which included a -4pt hit, and this was my first hit since GW4.

The two transfers I made
were Tevez for Suarez, and Baines for Enrique. The former transfer I was more than delighted to do as Tevez was hit and
miss under Mancini, while Suarez was showing signs of becoming a potential FPL
must have player under Rodgers.  For the
latter transfer, I was sad to see Baines leave after serving me well, but it
was all about this DGW for me, and Enrique was the perfect replacement as he
has good attacking play as well a potential clean sheet in him.  Also he was cheaper than Johnson.

So going into this DGW I
had four doublers, which was enough as both Liverpool and Swansea didn’t have a
GW27, so taking more transfer hits to bring another player in would have meant
transfer hits to field eleven players next GW.

The only team changes
this GW were Enrique and Suarez in for Baines and Tevez.


Davies (x2), Harte, Enrique (x2),

Walcott, Michu (x2), Mata (v), Bale,

Lambert, RvP, Suarez (c)(x2).

Bench: Rudd, Puncheon, Shaw, Demel.


This GW I scored a much welcomed 117 (-4)
pts, which was ranked 2,835.
  It was my
first and only ton plus score of the season even though I had been close a few
times before, and also it was my highest GW rank score of the season.

Suarez as my captain got me a 30pt haul. I
actually had the armband on Gerrard initially but my gut instinct told me to
give it to Suarez based on the reasoning that he is more of an ‘explosive’
potential points scorer than Gerrard. This move was decisive as Gerrard only scored 8pts in total over the two
games.  My other new GW transfer,
Enrique, repaid me with a rare goal and 19pt haul.  Another GW doubler Michu got me 18pts.  Furhter hauls for Bale 15pts, RvP 12pts, two
assists from the reliable Lambert, and another assist from Harte and Walcott,
all helped my cause.

I got the much anticipated green arrow, which
propelled me back into the top three, as world #3. It was a great GW for me at
the time, but looking back now I realise that this was a very significant GW as
it got me closer to the top two players, Julian and Kelvin, whilst at the same
time I opened up a slight gap from the managers below me.  Though I didn’t know it at the time, this was
the GW score that gave me the platform never to drop out of the world’s top
five again for the remainder of the season.



Going into
this GW I needed to use my FT to field 11 players as Liverpool and Swansea had
no game due to their DGW last week.  I
decided to swap out Suarez for Aguero.  I
could have benched Suarez and fielded 10 players, but I wasn’t losing any money
on him so it was an easy decision to sell.  Aguero, who had flattered to deceive this
season due to injury and rotation, was match fit off the back of completing
three 90 minutes games, which included a goal and three BAPs.  Even though I made this transfer, it was my
intention to get Suarez back immediately for Wigan away next GW, as Suarez for
me was becoming a must have FPL player in my opinion.


Demel, Shaw, Harte,

Puncheon, Walcott (v),  Mata, Bale,

Lambert, RvP (c), Aguero.

Bench: Rudd, Michu, Davies, Enrique.


I scored a very average
47pts this GW, which wasn’t great.  But
my good GW26 score meant that I didn’t drop any places so I remained in 3rdplace overall.

My captain again was RvP,
who came off after 40mins with an injury, still managed to get me an assist and
8pts.  Two more goals from the red hot
form of Bale, another goal and assist from the continued good form of Lambert,
and three nice save points from Jaask (even though it looked like he made around
100 saves that night!), were the only significant contributors to my GW score. 

Aguero only got me a
disappointing two points at home to Chelsea. Though he didn’t look like the Aguero of last season, he showed glimpses
of getting potential points during this game, which made me think about keeping
him for his next week fixture at struggling Villa.



This GW thankfully saw
the return of my Liverpool and Swansea players.  Although I wanted Suarez back for this GW and
for the run in, I decided to hold off this move for another GW as the person to
make way for Suarez would to be Aguero, who had a ’tasty’ Monday night away
fixture at the struggling Villa.  Also
behind my thinking was to save my precious FT and roll it over to next week, as
next week was the dreaded GW29 were only six Premier League fixtures were to be
played due to the FA Cup.

The team changes this
week were the return of Enrique and Davies for Demel and Harte.  Also Michu thankfully returned to my midfield
at the expense of my 5th midfielder, Puncheon.


Shaw, Davies, Enrique,

Michu, Walcott, Mata (v), Bale (c),

Lambert, RvP, Aguero.

Bench: Rudd, Puncheon, Harte, Demel,


I got 62pts this GW, which sounds ok at first,
but in the context of the GW this was only a very average score.  It was my second consecutively GW rank of
800,000+, a far cry from my excellent GW26 rank score of 2,835, which now seemed
like a distant memory.  Though I was
expecting a red arrow, I only dropped one place overall down to 4th,
so I was happy that not too much damage was done.

What cost me this GW was sticking with Aguero
over Suarez.  Though they both had ‘nice’
away fixtures, it was Suarez who had the form, not Aguero.  I was wavering away from my game plan of
picking ‘form over fixtures’.  Most of my
rivals had Suarez and he went ballistic at Wigan with another hat-trick, while
Aguero pulled out of the game before kick-off through another injury, so
Puncheon came off my bench for 2pts.  The
red hot bale who was my captain this GW got me 20pts. I got two cleanies from the
returning Enrique and Davies, a cleanie from Jaask, along with an assist from

Though I was disappointed with not getting
back the in-form Suarez for this GW, a good and important thing of note to come
out of this GW was the tough decision to keep and play RvP.  There was much debate in the forums all week
about whether RvP would not be risked, or not, for this GW due to his injury
last week, and also Man Utd had Real Madrid in the Champions league a few days
later, so if he was fit he would ‘no doubt be rested’, according to many FPL

Also RvP had no GW29 like many other big FPL
players due to the FA Cup taking place then.  In fact, a well know FISOer, who I will not name, was so adamant RvP
wouldn’t be playing this GW that he was prepared to bet his house on it! 

Lots of FPL managers sold RvP this GW.  But thankfully I didn’t sell him this week, and us RvP keepers were rewarded with news in Sir Alex’s pressconfence the day before the GW deadline that RvP was ‘fit to play’ this GW.  Also I didn’t sell RvP because he is, along
with Bale, FPL Gold.  I knew if I sold
him I would not be able to afford to buy him back for GW30, which was a great
fixture, Reading at home.  

I’d like to say that I didn’t know it at the
time in that selling RvP would probably hinder my chances of winning the FPL
title, but I did know it at time.  I knew
there and then that selling RvP could, and most probably would, be the end for
me, and this was proven as his future captain points were significant to me in winning the overall title.



This was the much anticipated ‘dreaded GW29’, which
we all knew was coming.  It was tricky to
negotiate as only six Premier League fixtures were being played due to the FA
Cup 6th round.  This took out
six of my squad including my only goalkeeper. Therefore, I only had 8 players available for this round.  I had two valuable FTs so I used them to get
back Suarez for Aguero, and I got in the newly signed out of position Newcastle
midfielder, Sissoko, who was on a good run of form playing in behind the front
man Cisse.  This was at the expense of
Walcott, who had no game due to FA Cup.

On the eve of the GW deadline I could only field 10
players despite using my two FTs.  This
is because I had no goalkeeper.  I therefore
decided to take another -4pt hit and get in a goalkeeper, as my thinking behind
this is that it felt like I was actually only taking a -2pt hit because my
goalkeeper will get me 2pts for just starting the game.  So fielding 11 players and having a chance of
getting more points, plus having a back up keeper for the run in, seemed the
logical and reasoned decision to make over fielding 10 players and saving the

There were plenty of team changes this GW.  The newly transferred in Bunn and Sissoko, and
bench players Puncheon and Harte, came in for Jaask, Demel, Mata and RvP, who
all had no game.



Shaw, Davies, Harte, Enrique,

Puncheon, Sissoko (v), Michu, Bale,

Lambert, Suarez (c).

Bench: Jaask, RvP, Mata, Demel,


I got a very good 60pts
(-4) total score this GW, which was well above the average GW score of
27pts.  This score gave me a good GW
ranking of 63,290.  A nice green arrow
followed to get me back up to 3rd place overall and close the gap on
the current world number one, Julian, who at this point was in the middle of an
impressive consecutive six weeks at the summit of the FPL world.

My newly transferred in players
that were captain Suarez and vice captain Sissoko got me 24pts and 5pts
respectively.  It was pleasing to see
that my newly transferred in goalkeeper, Bunn, got me 7pts, proving the -4pt
hit in getting a goalkeeper in was worth it.  Other points came from three assists, which
were two from Bale and one from the impressive Enrique, and also I got a much
welcomed clean sheet from Shaw away at Norwich, which was a nice bonus.


Going into this GW there
was a frenzy going around the FPL world about the rearranged Premier League
matches, which meant there would be one or two DGWs on the horizon, but nobody
knew exactly when.  At this point of the
season I needed more information asap as I needed to plan ahead.  As well as frantically looking at FISO round
the clock, I started to search around the internet for more information and I
came across Fantasy Football Scout (FFS), which is a website dedicated to fantasy
football, in particular, FPL.  I also
found out that here is where my FPL ‘rivals’ Kelvin, Julian and Evs are.  I often wondered where they were as I hadn’t
come across them on FISO.  

Anyway, at this crucial
point of the season, FFS was going into ‘overdrive’ with fixture info and
predictions of when the rearranged fixtures were likely to be played, which
helped me significantly plan ahead.  Thank
you to FFS and your user members.

In anticipation of future
DGWs and their well predicted possibilities of when they were most likely to be
played, I now decided from this information that it was best for me to hold on
to my valuable FT and roll it over to next the GW.

The team changes this GW
were the return of the big guns, RvP and Mata, with Harte and Puncheon making
way.  Also what was strange this GW was
that I now had two playing goalkeepers to choose from, which I thought was
great at the time, but future decisions on picking the ‘right’ keeper proved
otherwise.  Bunn got the nod this GW over
Jassk, who probably had a ‘tougher’ away fixture at Everton, compared to Bunn
at Sunderland.


Shaw, Davies, Enrique,

Sissoko, Michu, Mata, Bale (v),

Lambert, RvP (c), Suarez.

Bench: Jaask, Puncheon, Harte, Demel,


Well this was probably my
worse scoring GW ever with only 28pts scored. It was also by far my worse
season GW ranking at 2,147,977!  

I thought ‘what a time to
get a hoorendous score’, just when the week before I had closed the gap on the number
one and two positions.  The only good
thing is that those above and around me also got low scores that were not much
better than mine.  So I only dropped one
place down to 4th overall. What a big ‘let off’ this was for me.  On another week it probably could have been
the end of my season.

Apart from another goal
from Lambert and an assist from Mata there were no other positive contributors
this GW.  The anticipated captain haul
from RvP at home to Reading didn’t happen as he only got 4pts.  Also the goalkeeper I chose, Bunn, got sent
off!  He got me -2pts while Jaask was on
my bench with 4 points.  This was an
unwelcome 6pt swing from my goalkeeping choice.

I’d like to forget this
GW and move on to next week as this turned out to be the ‘dreaded’ GW for me,
not GW29!



Moving into this GW I think there was only one
future guaranteed DGW confirmed by the Premier League, which involved Arsenal
and Everton in GW33.  I therefore used
one of my FTs to get in a DGW player from Arsenal, as they were playing Reading
at home this GW.  I got Cazorla back in
at the expense of Sissoko, who had a tough away game at Man City and also there
was talk of him playing a bit deeper, which significantly reduced his
attraction as an FPL prospect.

Team changes this GW were the welcomed return of
Jassk for the suspended Bunn.  Demel
returned for Shaw to double up on a Hammers mini-block defence at home to
recent goal shy West Brom attack.  Newly
transferred in Cazorla replaced transferred out Sissoko.


Demel, Davies, Enrique,

Bale, Michu, Cazorla (v), Mata,

Lambert, RvP, Suarez (c).

Bench: Bunn, Puncheon, Shaw, Harte.


I responded well with a
good score of 70pts this GW after my dreadful effort last week, which I had
completely forgotten about until writing this review!  My good GW score though only got a grey arrow
to keep me in 4th place overall, but it was a good grey arrow to
‘steady the ship’ and help me creep closer back to the top three ranked

My newly transferred in
Cazorla, who was many managers pick for captain, scored a nice haul of
12pts.  My GW captain, Suarez, only got
12pts total, but not too much damage was done as he was heavily backed too by
FPL managers.  The ‘unbelievable Jeff’
Gareth Bale smashed in another haul of 13pts, Michu and Lambert both scored a
goal each again, while RvP chipped in with another assist.

A great moment for me
this GW was that I thought I’d lost my West Ham double clean sheet when WBA
scored a late goal, but I then realised at full time that Demel got subbed off
in the 78th minute to keep his clean sheet intact.  This was probably the start of what was soon
to become a ‘legendary’ FPL status for Guy Demel as I had only recently started
to ask the question, ‘What does Demel do?’

Also an important point
to note this GW in context of the FPL title race was that Kelvin Travers did
another great captain pick like his GW19 pick, by giving the armband to
Berbatov, who got a superb Monday hat-trick. This elevated Kelvin up from 7th place back into the top two,
which he would amazingly never be out of for the remainder of the season.


Going into this GW I had two FTs but I didn’t want
to use one this week as I was happy with my team and the DGW was next week.  But then drama happened on the Thursday night just
48 hrs before the GW deadline.  Bale
severely went over on his ankle at the end of a Europa League game.  You didn’t need to be a physiotherapist like
myself to know that Bale was going to be a doubt for the forthcoming weekend
game, and probably a doubt for a GW or two after this.

I had to react to this news above.  I couldn’t leave an injured Bale, who
actually had no GW33 fixture due to Spurs opponent Chelsea playing in the FA
Cup Semi-final next week.  FISO and FFS
were again into ‘overdrive’ as the news on Bale filtered through.  By reading other FPL managers comments that
evening and the following day, I was in agreement with the vast majority of
their thoughts, which was to get rid of Bale asap.

A lot of FPL managers were getting rid of Bale and
doubling up on getting in Hazard and Mata for Chelsea’s GW fixture at home to a
sinking Sunderland side.  However, I
thought this was risky considering Chelsea’s hectic schedule and a manager who
likes to rotate, despite their future DGW which I think was still unconfirmed
at this point, but it was likely to be GW37, which was way off in FPL terms.  Other viable options floating around the
forums for Bale’s replacement were Gerrard or Silva, who the latter had a
future DGW but not the form or fixture (at Man Utd) in my opinion, but the
former had West Ham at home this week.

I wasn’t swayed by any of this as my priority for
DGW33 was to get Baines in.  My defence
was already ‘rocking’.  Harte was
dropped, Shaw had a series of knocks, Demel was out of favour and was hit and
miss, and Davies position was under threat by the return of first choice left
back, Taylor.  So I took Bale out then
did Harte for Baines, which left me around 6.8 or 6.9m for a midfielder.  I really want a DGW33 player, preferably from
Arsenal.  I couldn’t afford Arteta or
Walcott, but he was a doubt anyway after picking up an injury on international
duty.  I couldn’t afford Fellaini and I
didn’t want Pienaar or any other Everton player to be honest.  There was only one player, or piece, that
fitted into my jigsaw FPL team, and this player was….errr…..*cough* ….Gervinho! He had scored an impressive 21pts in his
last two games and with doubts over Walcott for the DGW, I took a ‘semi-risk’
and drafted him in!

Team changes this GW were Bunn in for Jaask based
on fixtures, as Bunn was at home to Swansea, with Jassk away to Liverpool.  Baines coming in for Demel, who was tucked
well away as third sub due to his game at Liverpool.  The new transfer Gervinho came in for the
injured and now transferred out Bale.


Davies, Baines, Enrique,

Gervinho, Mata Michu, Cazorla,

Lambert, RvP (v), Suarez (c).

Bench: Jaask, Puncheon, Shaw, Demel.


I scored what I thought was
a disappointing 42pts, just 10pts above the average GW score.  But my GW score was enough to give me a green
arrow and get back up to 3rd place overall and also get me another
2pts closer to the still  world #1 for
the sixth consecutive week, Julian Zipparo.

My two newly transferred
in players repayed me instantly.  Baines
got an assist at Spurs, while Gervinho, in his 73 minute cameo away at West
Brom, got me seven invaluable points from his assist and his two precious bonus
points! Phew! Glad that one worked out!

Other contributors to my
score this GW were a goal from Michu, an assist and two BAPs from Lambert, and
an anticipated clean sheet from Enrique at home to the Hammers.  However, what I didn’t anticipate was that
West Ham would also get a clean sheet at Liverpool, which meant not only did my
GW captain Suarez disappointingly draw a blank, but I left 14pts on the bench
from Jaask and the slowly growing ‘FPL legend’, Demel.  Also I had Shaw on the bench, who yes had
6pts from an away cleanie.

This whole GW kind of
sums up fantasy football for me….with the late Bale injury drama, ‘forced’
transfers to get in who you want and may not want, risky punts on players other
managers can only chuckle at, unlikely captain blanks, along with unexpected
away clean sheets, and finally  having a
bench full of points, which you don’t get!

No matter how well you
plan or try to work things out in FPL, at the end of the day you need a huge
slice of luck for things to go your way, as this game is extremely dynamic and
virtually unpredictable at times. I am just glad each GWs are not all like this
one as I probably couldn’t cope!


This was the DGW33 we had
known about for a few GWs but unsure until recently who was actually playing in
this DGW.  The teams involved in having a
DGW were Arsenal, Everton, Man Utd, West Ham and Fulham. There were lots of
transfer activity and discussions in the forums of FISO and FFS about how many
doublers to have, who to have, and who to trust with the armband, which in this
decision alone could ‘make or break’ your entire FPL season.

My only FT was used on
getting in Arsenal’s first choice right back, Sagna, who was a superb price of
4.6m and had two home fixtures this DGW. This was at the expense of Davies who didn’t have a fixture this week
due their opponents Wigan being in the FA Cup semi final. Also Davies was
showing a poor run of form with only 2pts gained in his last four outings, and
with his game time uncertainty growing due to the ‘threat’ of the returning
Taylor, he had to go.

I had seven doublers this
DGW and I didn’t feel I needed to make any transfers for a hit as my four
single GW players were all good players who were more than capable of
outscoring DGW players.

I deviated from my
favoured three at the back to a rare four at the back formation to accommodate
my DGW defenders, and also with Swansea and Michu having no game, a three man
midfield with Puncheon on the bench was my best option.

Team changes this GW were
doublers Jaask, Demel and new transfer Sagna, in for Bunn, Michu and the
transferred out Davies.

Jaask (x2), 

Sagna (x2), Demel (x2), Baines (x2), Enrique,

Gervinho (x2), Mata, Cazorla (v)(x2),

Lambert, RvP (c) (x2), Suarez.

Bench: Bunn, Shaw, Puncheon, Michu.


This was a good DGW for
me. A total of 84pts scored with no hits gave me a good GW ranking of 70,853.
It didn’t give me a green arrow but I got a grey arrow and pulled further away
from the closing pack behind.  I edge
12pts closer to the former world number one, Julian, who was now world number
two.  Julian’s great run of being number one
for six weeks was ended by Kelvin, who slightly edge further away from me by

My key contributors this
GW were mainly from my defensive line.  I
got a welcomed 36pts from my back five, which included an amazing Demel assist,
even though it was just a simple 5yrd square pass to the nearest available man
who then did all the great work and went on to score.  The nil-all draw between Arsenal v Everton was
the perfect result for me not just for my defence, but as Cazorla and Fellaini
were heavily backed as captain.  Some
around me back Walcott also. 

My DGW captain was who
else but RvP!  A combination of a DGW and
RvP are almost what ‘FPL geeks’ like myself can only dream about.  Although there was much talk in the forums
about how RvP hadn’t scored for ‘X’ amount of games and a fair amount of FPL
managers were not backing him this DGW. In my opinion, RvP was still Man Utd’s and the FPL’s main man.  His barren spell only meant he was probably ‘due’
his turn for points sooner rather than later.  And he did bounce back with a DGW haul of 32pts
that included a goal from a penalty at Stoke, and a dubious offside goal at
West Ham, along with his timely four BAPs. What I find being a fan of most
sports is that the greatest players are not just better than their competitors,
but they also have some good fortune to go with it, like RvP did this DGW.

Mata was the only other
contributor to my GW score with an assist at Fulham.  Although I was happy with my GW score, I was
left slightly disappointed as I felt I could have had a fair few more points
which may have fired me to the summit of the FPL table.  This is because Suarez somehow could not
score against an inspired Reading goalkeeper, Alex McCarthy, and my DGW punt
Gervinho, who started the first DGW game at home to Norwich, missed an open
net!  This miss signalled the end of his
season in an Arsenal shirt as he was soon hauled off by Wenger and not really to
be seen much again.

My punt in Gervinho so
nearly came up trumps, but in hindsight it was still a good move for me as his
7pts in GW32 were very significant in the overall FPL title outcome.



Well after the crazy DGW33 I was just glad it was
back to the normal single game this GW.  However,
there was another DGW to come in GW36, which involved Chelsea, Spurs, Wigan,
Swansea, Man City and WBA. So the FPL drama and stress just intensified day by
day as an eye on this GW36 was imperative to the next two single GW planning.

Team changes this week were goalkeeper Bunn in for
Jaask as I didn’t fancy a West Ham block at home to the ‘free scoring’
Wigan.  Also world #1 and #2, Kelvin and
Julian, both had Norwich defenders in Turner and  Martin respectively, so I wanted my Norwich goalkeeper
to match their players as a clean sheet was likely on the cards with Reading at
home.  My only other team change was
Michu as a welcome returnee at home to Southampton at the expense of Gervinho.

I continued with the same back four as I felt again
that this was my strongest possible formation, which was mainly helped, or not
helped, by the fact that I had my weakest midfield of the season with an out of
favour Gervinho and Puncheon.  I didn’t
want to use my only FT as I wanted to save it for the DGW36 plan.  Also I felt my 11 players fielded would do a
good job this GW.


Sagna, Demel, Baines, Enrique,

Michu (v), Mata, Cazorla,

Lambert, RvP (c), Suarez.

Bench: Jaask, Gervinho, Puncheon, Shaw.


I got a decent GW score
of 79pts, which was 24pts above the average GW score. This gave me another grey
arrow to remain in 3rd place overall, but most importantly I
continued the momentum in creeping closer to the top two by gaining 7pts on #1
Kelvin, and gaining 2pts on #2 Julian. It was getting very tight at the top now
with just four GWs to go!

My total score contributors
this GW were a massive 34pt haul from my once again captain RvP.  Suarez got me a vital 11pts with a late goal,
which secured his 3 BAPs in the infamous biting match with Ivanovic.  The ‘assist machine’ Mata got me two more
assists while I welcomed more clean sheets from Sagna and ‘The Mighty Demel’,
who by now had well and truly confirmed his legendary FPL status.

One disappointment to
note from this GW was that I got my keeper wrong again as Jaask was warming my
bench with 8pts.  At this point I wished
that I just had the one playing keeper again like I had for most of the season
before I got Bunn.



This was the single GW
before next weeks final DGW of the season. I had two FTs.  Suarez was waiting
for his inevitable suspension from his biting incident so he had to go as he
season looked over.  I went for Tevez
again.  Surely this was Tevez’s time to
finish the season in style with a home game this GW to his former club West Ham,
then followed by a DGW36, then with Reading (a) and Norwich (h) making up his
final four GWs.

I decided to use my other
FT on getting the most important must have DGW36 player in asap, which was
Bale, who had returned earlier than expected in GW34 and continued where he
left off with an impressive 13pt haul at home to Man City.  I got rid of Cazorla to fund the Bale
transfer.  It was difficult to get rid of
Cazorla as he is always likely to score heavy, but these were few and far
between throughout the season as he had too many quiet scoring GWs in between
his hauls as his last four GWs scores were 2, 2, 3, & 3pts.

Team changes this GW were
Bale in for Cazorla, and Gervinho was recalled due to the three match
suspension of Giroud last GW.  I was
hoping Gervinho may get the nod as centre forward, or a right winger, if
Walcott went centre forward, at home to Man Utd this GW.  Tevez came in for Suarez.  I went back to my favoured formation with
three at the back. Demel was benched as he was away at Man City and surely he
had no chance of any getting more points there!


Sagna, Baines, Enrique,

Gervinho, Michu, Bale (c), Mata,

Lambert, RvP, Tevez (v).

Bench: Jaask, Puncheon, Shaw, Demel.


I achieved a total of
62pts this GW, which gave me another grey arrow to remain 3rdoverall, but in the context of the FPL title race this GW was another positive
step as the two players above me both took -4pt hits.  I gained 5pts on Kelvin who was world #1 for a
third consecutive GW, and I gained 6pts on world #2 Julian. 

My overall total score of
2,273pts was now only 4pts behind Kelvin’s 2,277 and 2pts behind Julian’s 2,275.  I was now very much in ‘striking’ distance of
being at the FPL summit with only three GWs to go!

Key contributors to my GW
score this week were a 24pt haul from my captain Bale, another goal from that
man RvP, another expected assist from Mata, and a clean sheet each from Enrique
and Baines.

One thing to note about
this GW is that Demel who I, and probably most other FPL owners, left him on
the bench away at Man City.  He only went
and got another assist! This only reinforced to his doubters that he was a now
firmly a FPL legend within the fantasy football forums and that he should never
be benched again!



This for me was the
pivotal GW as it was the last DGW of the season and DGWs can be unpredictable
as it is always debateable in whether to go ‘all in’ or not, and how many hits
are worth taking, or not.

I only had four doublers
with one FT.  I decided on strengthening
my weakened midfield by getting rid of Puncheon for the impressive out of
position Maloney, who was very much involved in most of Wigan’s attacking play
this season.  I felt that five doublers
were enough as again I was more than happy with my six single GW players who
have served me so well this season.

Team changes this GW were
Jaask in goal for his home fixture to a ‘stuttering’ Newcastle, and the newly
transferred in Maloney in for Gervinho.  Demel
could only find himself moving up one place on the bench after his ‘great’
assist last GW, as I didn’t want to change from my trusted and favoured 3-4-3


Sagna, Baines, Enrique,

Michu (x2), Mata(x2)(v), Bale(x2)(c), Maloney(x2),

Lambert, RvP, Tevez (x2).

Bench: Bunn, Gervinho, Demel, Shaw.


This GW proved fruitful
for me despite owning only five DGW players.  I scored a decent 80pts that gave me a top
100,000 GW ranking.  I got a much
welcomed green arrow to help me overtake Julian by 3pts and now take me to 2ndplace overall.  I also closed the gap
again to world #1 Kelvin, which his lead now is cut down to just 2pts over me.  

This couldn’t be any
closer going into the last two GWs.  Though
I was enjoying the challenge of aiming to become FPL Champion, I started to
really feel the stress and strain of this game as FPL was taking over my life!  To be honest I just wanted the game to end
asap without me caring too much about the final outcome, that’s how ‘bad’ it
was for me!

Anyway, back to my GW36
key contributors.  I got a ‘full house’
of four clean sheets in my back line.  The popular GW captain pick Bale got an
expected haul that was 24pts.  Mata and
Tevez got me an assist each, while my new recruit Maloney got me two assists,
which was another transfer that immediately worked out well for me.  Dare I say it but my benched again Demel got
another clean sheet.  I still didn’t have
the faith or courage to start him and therefore I was missing out again on his



Going into the penultimate
GW of the season, the main talking point was who to captain between RvP and his
home game to Swansea, against Walcott and his home game to a Wigan team just
two days after their FA Cup Final.  The
forums looked split between the two players mentioned, though I think some
captain polls slightly favoured Walcott over RvP mainly due to Wigan being
likely to have a ‘cup hangover’.   

However, there was only
one captain for me this GW, and it was RvP again.  It was Sir Alex Ferguson’s last ever home
game so there was no doubt in my mind that Man Utd and RvP would want to give
Sir Alex a good send off by beating ‘holiday mode’ Swansea team well.  Besides, I didn’t own Walcott, but if I did, RvP
would still have been my GW captain.

I had one FT this GW.  Michu unfortunately got injured in the last GW
and according to quotes by his manger, Laudrup, Michu ‘wasn’t to play again
this season’.  I wanted Walcott but I
couldn’t afford him if I sold Michu or gervinho.  I needed a hit to get Walcott in.  I decided Walcott wasn’t worth a hit as I
wouldn’t be captaining him anyway, and I felt that my team could cope without

My FT this GW was
‘tactical block’ transfer.  I seen that
Fellaini was owned by the majority of my rival FPL managers and Everton were
playing West Ham at home.  Fellaini,
although on a bit of a barren run points wise, showed in his game play and also
in his stats, that he was ‘getting in there’ recently but he wasn’t getting the
luck to convert his good play into FPL points.  I thought if Fellaini and Walcott went ‘nuts’
this GW, my title dream would be all over.  So I transferred out the injured Michu for
Fellaini.  My RvP captain would hopefully
see off a potential haul from Walcott.  

I have to admit, I was so
nervous going into this GW as again it could make or break my whole FPL season. The stress and pressure was just
relentless, but I remained calm and I still had clear thoughts thankfully.

Team changes this GW were Bunn replacing Jaask in
goal due to Norwich’s home fixture to West Brom compared to Jaask being away at
Everton.  Also I recalled of Gervinho as
I hoped he would get some part to play against Wigan in the absence of the suspended
Giroud.  Maloney made way for him.  The newly signed Fellaini stepped in for the
transferred out and supposedly ‘injured’ Michu, who after all was declared fit before
the game at Old Trafford, in which he scored!


Sagna, Baines, Enrique,

Gervinho, Fellaini, Bale (v), Mata,

Lambert, RvP (c), Tevez.

Bench: Jaask, Malloney, Shaw, Demel.


I felt I got away with
this GW as I only accumulated a very average 50pts, which was the same as
Kelvin, but I was 2pts better than Julian.  Although I was provisionally world #1 for the
second time this season when leading up to the midweek games, I dropped down
two places to 4th position overall when the GW was finalised.  This is because not only Kelvin’s team had
overtaken me after the midweek games, but two managers, Ian Stephenson and Parm
Cheema, came out of the pack below with impressive GW scores of 71pts and 80pts
respectively.  FFS regular, Evs, who was
in 5th position, had closed the gap well with a good score of 64
(-4) pts.

My GW captain RvP
thankfully outscored Walcott by two crucial pts, which became four crucial
points as captain.  Walcott was captained
by quite a few of my main rivals, including Kelvin and Julian.  So it was a huge relief to hear on the radio
the final whistle of Arsenal’s game against Wigan, which I thankfully didn’t
watch as I was working.  Talk about a
nervous and stressful night at work!

I also seen on my phone
earlier that evening of the Arsenal v Wigan game that Gervinho was on the bench
and my first sub, Maloney, had scored!  I
was now really hoping that Gervinho would stay on the bench, which thankfully
he did so I could collect Maloney’s valuable 6pts.  I thought getting Maloney’s points off the
bench was just rewards as a few days earlier Bunn had pulled out of the Norwich
game in which they got a clean sheet. Jaask came off the bench with only 2pts, which wasn’t much of a
consolation for missing out on a potential Bunn clean sheet.

The only other GW key
contributors of note were another clean sheet from Baines and two nice welcomed
BAPs from Lambert.

So going into the final
GW the league table was so tight at the top:

Ian 1st 2,407, 

Kelvin 2nd 2,405, 

Parma 3rd 2,405, 

Me in 4th2,403, 

Eves 5th 2,399, 

Julian 6th 2,398, with a few more
players further down that all had a chance of winning the FPL title.



Ok so this is it, it’s
the last GW of an amazing FPL season for me and I had a great shot of winning
it….but would you believe it, I’m going abroad this week!  I was going to place where I wasn’t sure if
they had any internet access as it was a little village called Medjugorje,
which is in the mountainous region of Bosnia and Herzegovina.  So I picked my team and my captain four days
before the GW deadline and then boarded my flight.  I just hoped I could find internet access over
there so I could catch the vital team news and make the changes where necessary.

I managed to completely
‘switch off’ from the usual hustle and bustle leading up to the GW deadline,
which was on the Sunday morning instead of the usual Saturday morning U.K time. I was completely oblivious to any of the
forum talk and potential final GW tactics.  I did manage to check the team news the night
before and also that morning.  Apart from
Lambert being a doubt as he had reportedly not trained all week, the rest of my
team was good to go, which was a relief to know!

As I already mentioned in
my recent interview by FFS, I was on top of a mountain in Medjugorje that final
Sunday morning, where I made my final team decisions, which was to get in the
in-form Coutinho at home to QPR at the expense of a ‘fizzled out’ Fellaini, who
had a tough game away at Chelsea. 

I was aware that people
may be getting in Sturridge after his hat-trick last GW at Fulham.   Also I suspected Michu who had a ‘good
fixture’ at home to Fulham was going to be on peoples shopping lists this final
GW as he was now a somewhat differential after many managers like myself had
shipped him out last GW.

My final team changes
were Demel in for Sagna as I thought West Ham may keep another home clean sheet
and I didn’t want to miss out on Demel’s points again!  I didn’t give too much thought about Sagna
getting a potential cleanie at Newcastle. My other changes were the newly transferred in Coutinho for the
transferred out Fellaini, while Maloney earned a recall at the expense of
Gervinho, who I’d finally given up on after his recent no shows.


Demel, Baines, Enrique,

Coutinho, Mata, Bale (c),Malloney,

Lambert, RvP (v), Tevez.

Bench: Bunn, Shaw, Sagna, Gervinho.


The final GW of the season
is over, and the BAPs are in.  What can I
say at this point apart from, Wow! I’ve actually done it! I am FPL Champion!! I
couldn’t quite believe it when I saw my team name, Devine Mercy, at the very summit
of the FPL overall league table! Amazing feeling!

I accumulated a solid
final GW score of 69pts to grab the most important and significant green arrow
of my FPL season.  It was the final green
arrow and it was to take me to the summit of the overall FPL table.  I was finally world #1, my first official #1, and what a time to do it! 

For the record and in
keeping with my FPL season review, my final GW key contributors were captain
Bale with a late 20pt haul.  Goals from my
excellent and reliable FPL servants such as RvP, Lambert and Mata all helped my
title winning cause. 

The final team mention
has to go to my two Liverpool players, Enrique and the newly transferred in
Coutinho, who both produced good returns at home to QPR.  Enrique who has been a solid FPL performer for
me got a welcomed 9pts, which included a clean sheet and all three valuable
BAPs, while Coutinho scored 10pts after his superb strike and his two precious

It was these BAPs from
Enrique and Coutinho that made the final difference in me winning the overall
FPL title by just 2pts.  Phew!  Though at this point my feelings and
congratulations were to Kelvin, Julian, Evs, and the other FPL challengers, on their fantastic season and for
making it such an amazing ‘battle’ right until the very end!  I wish them all every success in the future.

 My concluding thoughts
are, that FPL in my opinion is by far the best fantasy football game out there,
and it is the most popular fantasy football game played by millions of players
around the world, so to win it is very special to me.  It will live with me forever, and not just in
winning it, but also the amazing journey and the great memories I have taken
along the way each GW, especially within the forums of FISO, and also later on in the season with
Thank you all!

Well that’s it, it’s all
over! Thank you reading how I won the FPL title, I hope you enjoyed it.
  Roll on next season…I have a title to defend!

All the best and take
care everyone,

Matt (spiderm4tt)

FPL Champion 2012/13


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