Four Key Tips to Help You Succeed in a Fantasy Football Draft

Whether you are playing for money or joining a league with friends to have fun and engage more with this year’s NFL season, fantasy football can be a lot of fun. Of course, you will have the most fun in your fantasy football league if you manage successful results—just like professional football coaches inevitably enjoy their jobs more if their teams are winning. Here are four key pointers to help you draft a killer fantasy football team this season:

Don’t get bogged down in allegiances: We have all our favourite football teams, but just because you like a team doesn’t mean you should draft their players. Your draft picks should be determined based on strategy (what positions do you need to fill or deepen in your lineup?) than by personal preferences.

Remember that not all leagues are the same: It doesn’t matter if you’ve played fantasy football for years or have never played before at all. If you are joining a new league, you need to read the rules. Every league has its own set of scoring rules. For instance, some leagues will give you more points for QB touchdown passes than others. The same is true for receptions. Knowing how your league scores will help you strategize and pick the team that is most likely to rack up points with that particular scoring system. Remind yourself that the best team in one league might not necessarily be the best team in another league, simply because of different scoring systems. These league-to-league differences are what make fantasy football difficult to master, but they’re also what make it exciting.

Look for chances to save: When you sign up for a fantasy football league, you should look for sign-up bonuses and promo codes to increase your bankroll. The same way you can find a promo for Energy Casino to add to your bankroll for slots, poker, and other casino games, you can find promos on the web for certain fantasy football sites.

Expect the unexpected in the draft: Don’t go into the draft with your entire strategy hinging on you being able to draft a particular player. Unless you have one of the very first picks of the draft, nothing is guaranteed. A player you expected to go in the first three picks might make it to the 12th pick and still be on the board. Another player you expected to be able to snag in the second round might go during the first round. The bottom line is that you have to be ready for anything. Prepare a detailed strategy and an extensive list of players that you want on your team, in general order of preference. Gradually cross players off the list as the draft moves forward. Then, when the pick gets to you, you can quickly assess who is still on the board and which of those players will benefit your team most drastically.

Following these three tips will help you stay on top of things throughout the draft process. It will save you from overthinking things or having to rearrange your strategy completely after your top pick is scooped by a different competitor. All told, it will give you the freedom to have fun with fantasy football, which is really the top goal.