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Mystify Soccer

Posted: 26 Apr 2012, 14:06
by MystifySoccer
Hi all,

I started my simulated soccer game over ten years ago and despite spells of little progress I do manage to keep it going. I've linked to this site for years and have just registered (No idea why I wasn't previously!) thinking it may be a good way of getting a few more players.

Anyway, it's a free to play football manager game. I am in a spell of adding new features at the moment and the current crop of players seem to enjoy it but there are around 100/150 teams available - probably due to my lack of progress within the game over the years (I have busy spells where I have to work a lot!)

I've noticed a few asking if there are any games people know of and you're welcome to try mine - I certainly won't hold it against you if you join and then quit again because it's not your thing." onclick=";return false;

There's only 1 league game a week (plus a cup game if required) and It's certainly not too complex to play. My whole intention is that you don't need to spend hours a week playing it.