FANTASY F1 - 2022 (FF1GP game) small stakes money league

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FANTASY F1 - 2022 (FF1GP game) small stakes money league

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Hey all - the F1 season is nearly upon us and I do run a very non time consuming small stakes (money) fantasy league on FF1GP's 'Want to Win' style game.

I post all info here (on TheFanPub forum) it explains all - pay out is for 1st and 2nd place: ... luelionman

I got 25 teams in my league last year - people are allowed up to 3 teams each in my league - but it is £5 entry per team. All fees go back out as prizes.

My leagues winners history is saved here: ... luelionman

Anyone from FISO is welcome to join my league - it's just to give an added interest to the races in my oponion - it's very low maintance as there are no transfers or anything - just prediections to enter for each race to earn bonus points but that's it.

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