Dreamteam 2020/21

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Kevin and Perry
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Dreamteam 2020/21

Post by Yarmolarmolenko »

I know I am thinking / looking ahead, probably too far for most people's liking with everything still up in the air.

However, do people think this is it, this is the last ever Dreamteam (19/20), because it sure feels like it.

Hard to see the The Sun putting anything substantial towards this next year, not necessarily because of this situation, but because their overall prize money including Top prize, has been dwindling for some time, the whole game has, the much missed monthly comps, the week long (Fri-Thu) weekly comps that were so much more value for money and no more European game (though I suppose great accidental timing on their behalf).

I always wondered if their lessening prize pools/dumbing down of the once best fantasy game there was, was in large parts down to their Owners, News International, being sued left, right and centre due to the phone hacking scandal so they started to scale back, IDK.

Either way whether it continues or not I feel it's heyday is well and truly gone, had some great memories playing, started in the early 2000's as a spotty teen phoning up for new teams in the middle of the night so my mum didn't know the huge phone bill I was wacking up, this was when 16 year olds could play, think they upped it to 18 a while later, made the mistake when prompted to 'say my team name' of trying to think of a clever name, turns out the automated nature of the call didn't quite understand 'wam bam thank you Van' (Nistlerooy) :D the agony of spending another minute on the phone hoping my mum wouldn't wake up, bare in mind I only had a basic one2one mobile phone on pay as you go and I wasn't rinsing that on no paperboy income. Arduously logging in and out of all of my accounts at college when the tutor wasn't looking, using the archaic method of typing in individual long 12 digit pin numbers for each and every team they gave out, winning the occasional weekly, the pick and stick mini league teams which by the end of the season always reminded me how sh1t my judgment really could be :lol:, dreaming of the big one but never good enough (though I tell myself not nerdy enough), 20 years and it was all enjoyable and worth it even winning little money back. Any memories do share, regards. :)

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Re: Dreamteam 2020/21

Post by shakermeister »

Lovely post mate bringing back great memories . Remember the first time I won my works mini league I bought a dog with the cash . Oscar is still with us and he's now 11 ! :D :D

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Re: Dreamteam 2020/21

Post by Dot »

If there is a dreamteam next season, whatever year that is, incase football in the UK has finished for fear of catching something then I reckon the prize money for winning BigBalls on Fiso, will he at least as much as the runner up prize in any Sun seasonal game. Will be a much higher chance of a return too with considerably fewer players.

Wasnt that long ago the runner-up prize in the Sun was 100k ..... kinell.

Reckon the seasonal game will diminish as the weekend game has with a probable 10k 1st prize if ur lucky.

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Re: Dreamteam 2020/21

Post by CBN »

I fear for Dream Team if I'm honest. They've ceased the Leyton Orient sponsorship. Hope I'm wrong.

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