The NONUPLE Gameweek!!!!!!!!!

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The NONUPLE Gameweek!!!!!!!!!

Post by Hotstepper »

If FPL Towers continues to give one free transfer per postponed week and the season does not restart before 17 May (entirely possible), could all rearranged fixtures when eventually played be lumped together in one massive.....


More than nine actually for Man City, Arsenal, Sheffield Utd and Aston Villa.

WC 37, BB 38....

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Re: The NONUPLE Gameweek!!!!!!!!!

Post by jazzyb69 »

Theoretically that could happen but personally, I very much doubt that it will.

I think the sensible option that FPL Towers are likely to take is just to add as many Game Weeks as are needed in line with the amount of extra game weeks they add to the actual Premiership season to complete it.

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Re: The NONUPLE Gameweek!!!!!!!!!

Post by Mr Clarinet »

For a game that already depends to a large extent on the right choice of captain, the SuperGW option really overloads things in that direction. And for those with TC left, I think the right choice of SuperGW captain likely kills any competing strategy.

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Re: The NONUPLE Gameweek!!!!!!!!!

Post by Sutter Kane »

If they can't add GWs in, the correct TC choice will win the day yes, but who knows who that will be. However there'll be a load of BB chips successfully implemented, with huge scoring power from 4 extra players. I would say the BB is the most powerful chip as a whole, should the unthinkable happen - at this stage, I'd say it more likely they cancelled the FPL season than bunched the missing weeks into GW38.

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