murf saves the world from Coronavirus

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Re: murf saves the world from Coronavirus

Post by murf »

"I would like to see all the prem players locked up given an exposure right now, they are young and fit should be over it within the two weeks and they can get back to playing football"

Brilliant. And once the rest of the country sees this then they will be more susceptible to my plan.

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Re: murf saves the world from Coronavirus

Post by Vid »

Oneofourown wrote:
15 Mar 2020, 16:42
morganb wrote:
15 Mar 2020, 10:19
So, murf's idea is similar to when people have children and when a child you know gets chickenpox you hold a party to infect everyone:

I thought of this on Friday lunchtime but didn't publish my idea on a public Fantasy Football forum... Perhaps the government should be trawling specialist non-medical websites to find the solution?
Vid wrote:
15 Mar 2020, 12:12
Getting it once, does it actually give you immunity? It's been likened to a cold or the 'flu, which most of us get multiple times in our lives. And what about CoVids 1-18 and those yet to come???
The parallel struck me too. But isn't there a key difference? The parents want the children to get chickenpox at an early age because they think it will be less serious and so better for the children in the long run. Actually it is probably better to vaccinate them nowadays if you are worried about chickenpox. But this isn't related to herd immunity, which is the idea that having a high proportion of people in the community who are immune will break the transmission chain and reduce the chance that a non-immune person will encounter the virus. Trying to get good coverage with a vaccine to give herd immunity is a great idea but perhaps not using infection by the virus itself, which isn't directly beneficial to the volunteers themselves and exposes them to unknown risks.
No idea what covids feels like, but I can tell you that getting chicken pox in your 50s is possibly the worst pain you could ever have, bloody grandkids!!!!!

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Re: murf saves the world from Coronavirus

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I got chickenpox in my 30’s and it was horrible. Completely covered in spots and felt awful. Lying in a cold bath at 3am trying to stop the itching.

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Re: murf saves the world from Coronavirus

Post by blahblah »

I got misdiagnosed with Mumps in early 30's.

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