Weekend Big Five 20K

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Weekend Big Five 20K

Post by admin »

This is my entry for this weekend but should I have gone for all 6 from 1 team?

https://www.fiso.co.uk/fanteam-weekly-m ... 26-part-2/

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Re: Weekend Big Five 20K

Post by RickyRosa »

That’s is a great question Admin

Personally, Martial aside; I like your team, however, I do like the one team approach....trouble with that is I like to cover lots of different teams meaning Lots of different teams and at 20 Euro a pop it’s just not feasible from a bank roll perspective.

That’s why; despite agent taking the piss; i e opted to play the 2 Euro game as I believe that entering 10 x 2 Euro teams allows you to cover the different Connotations required to hit hard.

You could for example pick 2 x Liverpool based teams, one attacking orientated, one defensive , covering both possibilities that if the game finishes nil nil or Liverpool win to nil your defensive team will earn great points, however if you also cover the attacking team if they win but concede your still in with a great shot.

The one shot one kill is literally a lottery imop which is why the multis do so well.

They cover all possible connotations and when the obscure happens like West Ham beating* for example as unlikely as that result would b3 if it does happen they would have it covered (just an example of course) where as the average punter will pick a team similar to yours meaning unless your captain pick is spot on and martial in your team for example does turn up you literally have no chance.

You would literally be bette4 of buying 25 lotto tickets as the implied odds are better!

Imop, the key advice is bankroll management....play what you can afford and enter lots of teams....build a bank roll, start from the bottom and work your way up.

That’s why the CL game is so poorly populated at the mo, everyone knows if they enter 1-2 teams they stand little chance against the guy who will enter 100-200 teams.

Your EV irrelevant if how good a player you are is so low unless your playing for fun (somof course it needs to be affordable) there literally is no point in playing.

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Re: Weekend Big Five 20K

Post by henrikinaski »

Its all about luck anyway... Of course if you play with 20,30,40 teams thats diffirence but this is jist fun for me.. Fantasy =luck. Of course if yoi understand basic rules and football.

If you really thought someone is going to winn because of some knowledge of football is really wrong.. Just luck and money..

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