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2019 Fantasy Formula 1 (

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Kevin and Perry
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2019 Fantasy Formula 1 (

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You like simple Pick 6 Fantasy Formula 1 games? Then you don't need to continue reading. But if you are looking for a challenge then you are right here.

The Fantasy F1 game on offers a sophisticated game play. The luck factor does not dominate. With a good Formula 1 background knowledge and a well thought-out strategy, you will succeed.

In addition, offers countless competitions, statistics and some unique features (e. g.: ERS, race series, Cup, Eliminator). Because of the available playing abilities Amateur, Pro and Expert you will be lead piece by piece into the game.

Brief description:
Based on the real races, the strategy should be putting together the best possible team within a limited budget for each race to score as many points as possible.

A PFRL Fantasy F1 team consists of 1 Team principal, 3 Drivers, 1 Chassis, 1 Engine, 1 Set of tyres:


The owner of the PFRL team with the most points at the end of the season will be the PFRL World Champion. Team owner with at least 3 teams take part in the PFRL Constructors World Championship.
Every player is able to create up to 7 teams and 5 leagues (public or private).

Register here for free: PFRL Register
Then pick your team(s) (it takes less than a minute) and join a league (select it from dropdown Individual private leagues and insert the league PW).

Rules: PFRL Rules (scoring is available on a separate tab)

I wish you an exciting new Fantasy Formula 1 season!

Kind regards

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