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See each players score?

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See each players score?

Post by violet94 » 14 Jan 2019, 04:52

Is there a way to see each players score during a game?

I remember in the good old days when the "fixture list" provided you with a full table of all players playing and their statsitcs. Have they hidden this somewhere now?

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Re: See each players score?

Post by MoSe » 14 Jan 2019, 07:48


I miss that full table with (live) scores for all players in a match and scoringitem details, too

afaik it had been discontinued by FPL when they had the rehaul 3 (?) seasons ago
you can have individual PL players details. and loads stats, but not in such table for a match

you have to recur to other sites, some free some not
a free one is
for each match, e.g. TOT-MUN you see players scores in pitch view,
and scoring items (including BPS items) ... ixture=219 in table form

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