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2018 Fantasy Formula 1 (

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Kevin and Perry
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2018 Fantasy Formula 1 (

Post by MaverickF1 »

Hello again!

I'd like to invite you to join the league Championship 2018.

League type: Individual private (up to 2 teams per owner are allowed)

League password: fisof1

Unlimited team changes are possible before race 1.

The league page is shown here: Championship 2018

New players just register here for free: PFRL Register

Then pick your team(s) (it takes less than a minute) and join the league (select it from dropdown Individual private leagues and insert the league PW).

Game principle: You pick a team within a limited budget and get points based on the real life performance of your team's components. The value of your team components will rice or fall from race to race according to their performance on the real track. You are able to improve your team during the season (Several team component changes are possible after each race.)

Rules: PFRL Rules (scoring is available on a separate tab)

No fees, no prices, but a lot of fun :)

Good luck and have an exciting new Fantasy Formula 1 season!


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