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Fantasy Football Exchange (FFE)

Fantasy Football Exchange - win more than points this season.
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Fantasy Football Exchange (FFE)

Post by admin » 21 Oct 2014, 18:55

Back yourself from your mobile every week with Fantasy Football Exchange (FFE)

Fantasy Football Exchange (FFE) is the new fantasy Premier League game that lets you put your money where your mouth is and bet real money on your fantasy line-up in weekly, monthly and season-long private AND public leagues – and all from your smartphone!

Built by fans for fans, FFE is the perfect game for fantasy football aficionados who want to play for more than points every weekend.

Everything takes place on your smartphone - so wherever you are, you can manage your teams, create or join leagues and most importantly place your bets on the move

What’s more, FFE allows you to follow your team's performance via the FFE Newsfeed, which updates in REAL-TIME with fantasy football-specific action updates from every Premier League game.

FFE also has a revamped scoring system which awards bonus points by taking an average of the player ratings awarded by a number of national newspapers, to better highlight each games key performers.

And for the first time defensive midfielders are properly valued, so their defensive contributions are better rewarded than in any other fantasy game.

Head to and back yourself this season.

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