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Where Do You Play?

A forum for discussion on gambling such as lottery and casino games.
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Where Do You Play?

Post by Knuckles »

Hi all, I noticed this sub-forum is not so active. Maybe we can change that?

I have been playing online casinos for about a decade now (before that I was just doing fruit machines, etc.), and I still haven't lost my house (so that's good). Maybe a good way to open up conversation and getting to know each other is to talk about where we play.

I'm a bit of a bonus hunter, so generally speaking, I'm all over the place, with a few new casinos every month, but I do have a couple of "bases" that I keep returning to. Paddy Power is the main one, that I keep coming back to year after year - essentially whenever I'm in a slump. Recently I have played at Duelz a decent bit (last 1-2 years or so) as you can actually play against other people - and that adds the slight duel element I can really get into. I also like it when a casino does something different. I loved Casino Saga (or Heroes now) when it first came out, but lost interest after I beat all the bosses (not been there in years though, maybe they added more?).

What about you?

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Re: Where Do You Play?

Post by Roppone »
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