ESPN UK - 6 Nations 2020 Fantasy Game

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ESPN UK - 6 Nations 2020 Fantasy Game

Post by bluelionman »

Any one else very dismayed with CleverTV and ESPN UK.

They seem to have dumped this game and all it's data when the 6 Nations was suspended despite the Powers that be saying the tournament would be finished and now games are scheduled for October the people behind this fantasy game just wound it up but never informed me - I got no e-mail or anything.

I've sent contact requests - on the 8th August and they not even been bothered to respond.

Worse is I cant get at the game data from my private league up at the point they suspended there game.

Every time I try to open my private league all I get on screen is 218: 219: Stacktrace:

If ESPN UK/Clever TV won't finish off there own damn game I wished to finish off my own league manually myself if I could using stats found on-line for the future games and using there same scoring and rules but I cannot get into my league to view current points or everyone's teams at the end of the last round/when they suspended the game.

I don't think that's fair its one thing cancelling a game but not informing there players - and I'm a league chairman - nor letting people view state of play up to cancellation so they can grab info they would like is a total disregard for there players imho. :evil:

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