Fantasy Grand Slam of Darts (at least 431 GBP in prizes)

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Fantasy Grand Slam of Darts (at least 431 GBP in prizes)

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This Saturday the best dart players from the PDC and BDO will battle each other in Wolverhampton. Michael van Gerwen, Gary Anderson, Peter Wright, Rob Cross, Gerwyn Price (last year's winner) but also Wesley Harms, Jim Williams, Lisa Ashton and Mikuru Suzuki will make their appearance. ... Darts2019/

The Grand Slam Of Darts starts with a group stage where 32 dart players are divided over 8 groups. In this group they will play every darts player one time (3 matches in total). They will play a maximum of 9 legs, the first darts player who wins 5 legs will win the match. Every leg won in the first round will add one point to your team. Per match a player can win a maximum of 5 points for the Fantasy Grand Slam of Darts. The numbers 1 and 2 of every group will go the knockout stage.

The Fantasy Grand Slam of Darts 2019 starts on Saturday 9 November 2019 at 14:15 hours CET. You have a budget of 72 million euro to buy 8 darts players of which you think are going to win the most points in the Fantasy Grand Slam of Darts 2019. The game will cost £6.04 per team and will start with a guaranteed amount of prizes of £431. The first prize will be £84 (15 GC prizes).

1 Gerwen, Michael van 20 mln. M
2 Price, Gerwyn 14.2 mln. M
3 Cross, Rob 14.1 mln. M
4 Anderson, Gary 12.8 mln. M
5 Gurney, Daryl 12.5 mln. M
6 Wright, Peter 12.3 mln. M
7 Chisnall, Dave 11.7 mln. M
8 Durrant, Glen 10.9 mln. M
9 Smith, Michael 10.1 mln. M
10 Wade, James 9.4 mln. M
11 White, Ian 9 mln. M
12 Aspinall, Nathan 7.9 mln. M
13 Bergh, Dimitri Van den 7.7 mln. M
14 Webster, Darren 7.6 mln. M
15 Noppert, Danny 7.5 mln. M
16 Lewis, Adrian 7.2 mln. M
17 Clemens, Gabriel 6.4 mln. M
18 Thornton, Robert 5.6 mln. M
19 Dolan, Brendan 5.5 mln. M
20 Lennon, Steve 5.3 mln. M
21 Hughes, Jamie 5.2 mln. M
22 O'Connor, William 5.1 mln. M
23 Harms, Wesley 4.7 mln. M
24 Smith, Ross 4.4 mln. M
25 Harrington, Ryan 4.3 mln. M
26 Veenstra, Richard 4.2 mln. M
27 Parletti, Dave 4.1 mln. M
28 Warren, Wayne 4 mln. M
29 Williams, Jim 3.8 mln. M
30 Schindler, Martin 3.2 mln. M
31 Suzuki, Mikuru 2.7 mln. F
32 Ashton, Lisa 2 mln. F

Group A
(1) Michael van Gerwen
Adrian Lewis
Ross Smith
Jim Williams

Group B
(8) James Wade
Ian White
Steve Lennon
Wesley Harms

Group C
(5) Gerwyn Price
Dimitri van den Bergh
Robert Thornton
Mikuru Suzuki

Group D
(4) Gary Anderson
Darren Webster
William O’Connor
Dave Parletti

Group E
(2) Rob Cross
Dave Chisnall
Jamie Hughes
Lisa Ashton

Group F
(7) Peter Wright
Danny Noppert
Ryan Harrington
Wayne Warren

Group G
(6) Daryl Gurney
Brendan Dolan
Gabriel Clemens
Richard Veenstra

Group H
(3) Michael Smith
Nathan Aspinall
Martin Schindler
Glen Durrant

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