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Tour de France 2019

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Re: Tour de France 2019

Post by blahblah » 15 Dec 2018, 11:33

I didn't realise that they were going to try and sell up as well, which means they will be after more than the £30-34m? :shock: :shock: :shock:

Sky owns 85 per cent of Tour Racing Limited, the company that owns and manages Team Sky according to the latest available accounts. 21st Century Fox owns the remaining 15 per cent. Other key sponsors include bike-brand Pinarello, Ford and clothing brand Castelli. from ... -sponsors/ but Disney owns Fox which owns Sky now?

I'm not so sure about Dave swapping plans during a race let alone a Tour or GT as he hasn't in the past? Although I doubt G would have been allowed to attack Froome the way Froome did G. But then Froome would have been called back as he was all those years ago for Brad :wink:

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Re: Tour de France 2019

Post by liquidfootball2 » 20 Dec 2018, 14:41

Bradley Wiggins has had his say on Sky's decision to end it's sponsorship and pull out of cycling, warning that those rejoicing should be careful what they wish for as cycling will be “worse off” if the team folds.

"People need to be careful what they wish for because if Sky go now the sport will be worse off for it," Wiggins said on talkSPORT. "(Cycling) won't disintegrate but it won't have the profile it has enjoyed now. This day was always going to happen because the sport is so backward in some ways, the people that run it. It's not corrupt but it's so backward. There's no money in the sport.

"Sky brought money but I'm talking about sponsors in general aside from Sky. Rather than be grateful for a company like Sky people just hammered it.

"The amount of money they've put in over the last 10 incredible, and the timing of that with the generation of cyclists and what Dave wanted to do, we may never ever see it again.”

Asked whether he thought Brailsford would be able to find another backer, Wiggins replied: "I can't envisage them getting a sponsor like Sky - a UK company, wherever it's owned these days but based in London - the size of the company coming and doing that for cycling. To replace them to carry on and cover the wage bill and the budget will be a tough thing to do...

"It's the end of an era in some ways. That's not to say the team can't carry on but it's whether they can find a sponsor with that much money and that much weight to cover the wage bill so they can keep everyone there."

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