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Re: Parkrun

Post by Hogmeister » 10 Apr 2019, 22:54

Thanks yeah, very happy to get to HM and, yes, do want to break 30 mins for 5k. That best time was a training run just last week, so I’m getting there :D

Main focus this year will be 10k races, planning to do half a dozen or so, next one is on Easter Saturday. Hoping to get my PB down (1h 6m currently). Also have another HM lined up in October. Can’t see me ever getting up to a full marathon, a HM seems quite long enough, so very impressed with anyone who has managed that distance, well done!

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Re: Parkrun

Post by Mystery » 10 Apr 2019, 22:59

As an occasional Reading parkrunner (I usually do Prospect parkrun a couple of miles away from there) I hope to be running with you sometime in the near future.

Not really in any kind of running form at the moment - at least not for me. Did a 2:19 half marathon in Fleet last month and have struggled at Parkrun lately, but not long ago I did a 55ish minute 10k at Goodwood.

Don't think there's any secret for me to unlock though. Just need to lose an additional stone of weight I don't need

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