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This is Money's Fantasy Share Picking Game - £20k top prize

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This is Money's Fantasy Share Picking Game - £20k top prize

Post by admin » 28 Jun 2019, 06:29 ... 0-000.html

The game is free to play and all you need to do is pick the best performing shares over the 12 weeks to 20 September to compete for the grand prize – while you can also set up private leagues to challenge friends, family and colleagues.

In addition to the jackpot, they will give away 12 weekly £500 prizes for the top-performing share pick each week. You can sign up now and the game starts on 1 July, 2019.  

Players pick shares to add to their holdings. They can hold them to the end of the game, or sell out early; you may want to do this to either bank gains, or cut your losses.

The percentage difference between the share price when you buy your pick and the price at the end of the game, or when you sell, is the gain or loss added to your performance.

If the share price goes up while you hold it, you make a gain. If the share price goes down while you hold it you make a loss.

The winner is the player with the greatest aggregate gains.

Game rules are at

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