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The Water of Life, OR "Well, I'll be dram'd..."

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jimmy ching
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Re: The Water of Life, OR "Well, I'll be dram'd..."

Post by jimmy ching » 31 Dec 2018, 13:38

What a way to do a review as your wife leaves for good. ... uGLEtapOX8

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Re: The Water of Life, OR "Well, I'll be dram'd..."

Post by Knulpuk » 02 May 2019, 14:36

Anyone watch any of the Ralfy Reviews on YouTube - quite addicted to them!

Just noticed they have announced Hibiki 17 will be made no more pushing the price up to £500 - £600 a bottle and rising due to rarity. Have a bottle tucked away.

Friend has an Ardbeg Rollercoaster (now circa £700 a bottle).

With both having sons at 5 years old we have 13 years until we have a trip to scotland to crack them open on what could be the most expensive session ever (on paper at least)!

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