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FanTeam’s £500k Spring Championship of Online Fantasy Football 2021

FanTeam - Fantasy Premier League
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FanTeam’s £500k Spring Championship of Online Fantasy Football 2021

Post by admin »

A copy of FanTeam's recent promo about SCOFF 2021:

'It’s getting towards the end of the season which means FanTeam’s Spring Championship of Online Fantasy Football (otherwise known as SCOFF!) is getting ever closer. Running over gameweeks 37 & 38 of the Premier League season the SCOFF has a massive €500,000 prize pool and 1st place will walk away with a life changing €100,000. The excitement over those two weeks is going to be like nothing else.

How does it work ?
The SCOFF will begin on Saturday, May 15th at 15:00 GMT and will run over gameweeks 37 & 38. The two weeks will run independently of each other so entrants will pick two separate teams for each week. If you are familiar with FPL think of it as a free hit each week where you pick your best team within the budget. It will be a real test of your DFS skills where a worthy winner will be crowned SCOFF champion.

How to qualify
The final buy-in is €1100 (£990) but there are many ways to get involved for much less. The large majority of the final entrants will have come from satellites which will be running until the tournament starts.

1 step, 2 step, Scoff!
FanTeam have created a 3 step system which gives users the chance to qualify for as little as €2.70 (£2.48).

Step 1 - Start your journey for €2.70 (£2.48) and battle it out to qualify for the step 2
Step 2- Worth €55 (£49.50) you can either buy in directly or qualify from step 1.
Step 3 - You have made it to the €1100 (£990) SCOFF!

It’s not just through football that you can qualify either. Qualifiers are running in a range of different sports from NBA, NHL to CS:GO.

If you fancy a more direct route look out for the direct satellites starting for as low as €11 (£9.90).

Will you be SCOFF champion?

With so many routes to qualify for the SCOFF there is a real chance that we could see a winner that qualified for as little as €2.75 (£2.48). Only last November FanTeam user fscottl showed how it can be done qualifying for the WCOFF for €2 and walked away with first prize of €30,000! Let’s hope we see a similar feat this time round. Will it be you?'

P.S. See our article about fiso member and €30k FanTeam WCOFF winner, fscottl, here - ... o-fanteam/

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Re: FanTeam’s £500k Spring Championship of Online Fantasy Football 2021

Post by Toffeeman »

Satellites are a great route to qualify for a small outlay.
Your probably looking at between 15-20 players in the step 2 games.
Closest I've come so far was 2nd by 0.1 points in the Leicester v Palace game.
From the 3 step 2's I've played probably close if not more than 50% of the field go with the underdog so potentially the obvious choice is the right choice in the step 2's

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