whoops they did it again

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whoops they did it again

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i really like the games but are fanteamreps trying to drive out higher stakes players as i come ever closer to switching back to draft kings as my main game!

firstly the 20 euro & 2 euro games go in la liga and serie A that were well supported so having mugged up on the leagues i give up as the 5 euro stake level is too low for the effort for me.

so i switch to the ice hockey and guess what they have ditched the popular 20 euro/2 euro/10 euro games to 5 euro again!

less effort so will play for now whilst the 15 euro qualifiers for the final are there but after that's me gone!

so driven out of la liga, serie A, ice hockey next by only low stakes on offer.

driven out of europa by a game fit for 2-slate matches being used for multiples!

what is going next the epl? is the weekly monster next up for the 5 euro treatment?

at the end of the day it is their choice but they seem to be doing everything they can to boot out high stake players and create worse game designs!

if you take away the choices for players re stakes you run the risk of losing them for good!

i really can't understand this in terms of fanteam growth, just looks like extreme regression!

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