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FISO Forum Plus ML (£5 entry)

A forum for mini-leagues and side-games involving SkySports Fantasy Football
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Re: FISO Forum Plus ML (£5 entry)

Post by edmo33 » 03 May 2014, 13:34

wandacatvenus wrote:Edmo 33 - pm sent to you
Replied by PM.


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Re: FISO Forum Plus ML (£5 entry)

Post by coleridge » 03 May 2014, 19:51

Sorry cant confirm we are 2nd
This was the reply I got.

Thank you for your recent correspondence.

The current highest scoring league in the Private League Extra competition is called 'Preston NE Fans Fantasy League'.

Kind regards

Sky FF

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Re: FISO Forum Plus ML (£5 entry)

Post by wandacatvenus » 04 May 2014, 16:47

I have asked Sky today specifically if the Fiso Forum Plus league is 2nd in the table of Extra Leagues.

I will let you know the reply.

Ticket number raised is 15404

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