RIP Mark E. Smith

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RIP Mark E. Smith

Post by Spinynorman »

I've always loved listening to The Fall and was lucky enough to see them live a few times.

A quote from the BBC says it all: "a true uncompromising musical maverick".

RIP Mark E Smith.

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Re: RIP Mark E. Smith

Post by bluenosey »

Certainly one of a kind and a maverick.


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Re: RIP Mark E. Smith

Post by jimwinn »

A sad loss indeed

Saw the miserable scroat a few times and he was always spot on

Cause of death - fags and booze

Anti-hero and definitely a one off

Fav song - totally wired

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Re: RIP Mark E. Smith

Post by »

unique and brilliant.

Anyone that can write songs with the breadth of Bill is Dead through to I am Damo Suzuki, and still pull off a cover of 'lost in music' thoroughly deserves to be called a musical genius. Wrote the best football song ever as well.

Much like Joy Division, the Fall stand apart from other music, defying comparison. Might go and put 'Extricate' on and have a pint.

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Re: RIP Mark E. Smith

Post by quizking »

F, was having a good day until this news.

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Re: RIP Mark E. Smith

Post by Zimmerman »

Recently read his biography.

Some parts of him I agreed/enjoyed.... but for the most part he was such a cantancarous and bitter old piss pot.

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Re: RIP Mark E. Smith

Post by RomynPG »

Brian Turner did a great tribute show on WFMU

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