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Given up on FPL? You should try this!

A forum for Oulala Fantasy Football a weekly Fantasy Football game.
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Given up on FPL? You should try this!

Post by Oulala » 24 Feb 2017, 09:53

In January, it was reported that as many as 42 per cent of Fantasy Premier League squads were inactive. That's almost two million Fantasy Football managers who have already thrown in the towel.

Are you one of the masses that has given up on your team?

It might be a little too late to rescue your FPL squad, especially if you haven't managed it for a few months. However, that doesn't mean you have to wait until August to get your Fantasy Football fix again.

Instead of waiting six months, why not try daily Fantasy Football? Our format allows you to pick a brand new team every day!

The beauty of daily fantasy football is there are no seasonal commitments, so if you fancy a week off it won't ruin your entire season. Just come back and build a new squad whenever it suits you!

Daily Fantasy Football has grown rapidly in the past few years and Oulala is proud to be a big part of the future of Fantasy Football! Join us on the journey!

To find out more visit


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