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Insurance for learners

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Insurance for learners

Post by jpk » 01 Sep 2014, 16:51

My daughter (21) ((sorry no pics)) has just graduated from uni and is having lessons to learn to drive. I just phoned my insurance company to get a quote to let her practice in my car (Golf TDI) and was quoted 5k to add her :o

So unless I win a few SDT weeklies soon, she'll be looking for an alternative, I've heard it's much cheaper to buy a sub 1k car and let her get her own insurance so she can build up some no claims and after a year it's a lot more reasonable.

Any one got any experience of yoofs and car insurance and where to get the best deals?

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Re: Insurance for learners

Post by Vid » 01 Sep 2014, 20:35

Go compare the confused meerkat seems to be the way to go with insurance these days.

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Re: Insurance for learners

Post by eagle224 » 01 Sep 2014, 21:24

Try Collingwood Insurance as they specialise in Learner Driver cover only. My 20 yr old son was quoted £900 compared to the £1800+ most companies wanted - the only downside was he only got cover until he passed his test then he had to claim a refund on any outstanding months and find another insurer so did not build up any no-claims discount - they were prompt with the refund though.

Be prepared for the day they pass too ... the cheapest insurance he could find after passing his test was £2800 (his own 1.2 2002 Clio) and nearly £4500 to put him on my insurance (1995 2.4 VW Transporter) - basically this stopped him using his new found driving skills and he had to sell the car he'd bought to learn to drive in as there was no way he/we could afford this.

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Re: Insurance for learners

Post by Zimmerman » 01 Sep 2014, 21:41

Dont they have these monitor type things (i.e. assesses that you are driving safely)?
Or policies that limit the times you can drive at?

I always remember the cost to get insured being ridiculous when I passed my test (and I didnt end up driving for about 2 years after I passed because of it).
But back then it was maybe £800 to a grand for a Vauxhall Nova 8-) as a 17/18 yo.
Ended up with a 1.2 Astra when i was 20.

But in comparison to the cost nowadays? Seems to have outstripped inflation!

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