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shoddy service

Post by Zimmerman »

Afternoon gents (and chrissy);

Thanks to those delightful people at sky making a balls up of my transfer from virgin, I am currently without internet access at home.

The spreadsheets are on my home computer and my work computer neither takes a memory stick nor gets onto the sun website.

So I (and la log) is in limbo.

With the aid of jules' site I should be able to back date the scoring etc. But I doubt I'll be able to do this until the weekend at the earliest.

I can only apologise for this... And the general degradation of service over the course of the season. May have to look at handing over the reigns for next season (or winding it up).

Anyway, please bear with me for what is left of this season.

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Re: shoddy service

Post by Jules »

Zimmerman wrote:May have to look at handing over the reigns for next season (or winding it up).
Noooo! La Log is a great interlude between transfer windows as not a lot else happens on the forum until transfer time and it would be a shame if you gave it up.

I've got to put a cup competition together for the private league that I run, so if I can figure out an easy way to automate a La Log style competition in Excel or using my site I'll be happy to give it to you for next season. Perhaps when you get the Internet working you should upload the spreadsheet into Google Docs so you can access it from home and work (and so I can sneak a peek as to how it all works :-))?

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Re: shoddy service

Post by mad dog »

Yeah got to keep it going in one way or another :D

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