Rules and Guidelines Regarding Mini-Leagues, Side Games and Competitions

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Rules and Guidelines Regarding Mini-Leagues, Side Games and Competitions

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These should be run for the benefit, enjoyment and best interests of FISO and all legitimate members.

"Official/ Main" Mini-Leagues will be chaired either by a member of the moderating team or by another long standing member by agreement with the moderating team. The granting of such permission is a responsibility and a privilege - not a licence to take control - so it is incumbent on all FISO league chairmen to act in the best interests of FISO when conducting their chairman's role. This includes admitting all legitimate members of the league. In most cases whoever chaired any given league previously will be given first refusal to continue to do so. It is not essential for a mini-league to be created within hours of a game going live, please give the likely chair a reasonable chance to check on rule and prize structure changes before creating a mini-league. If there is any game that you desire an official/ main ML to be created for then please contact Vid, Mystery or another Moderator known to be active in that game/ sport for a chair to be appointed and ML created.

Generally any required code/ pin/ password will be published in the first post of the appropriate thread for that ML, occasionally there will be a requirement to request details from the chair either by direct pm or by posting to the thread identifying yourself and team(s) before acceptance, so please read the relevant thread and follow any reasonable requirements stated within. If you are new to FISO and have not passed our post approval threshold (usually set at 3-5 posts) the private message facility will not be active.

Where a ML, Side Game or Competition promoted on FISO can win a prize of any description to be distributed by the chair (however unlikely winning may be) it is necessary to include in the first post how that prize will be distributed, also the breakdown of distribution of any other prizes through collection of entry fees or donations along with the following disclaimer:

If you decide to join a mini-league/ side game/ competition promoted on FISO then you do so at your own risk. Whilst FISO has taken steps to put a Moderator as Chairman of "Official/Main" FISO Leagues, we may not be able to help you should he/she decide not to distribute the prize he/she has won. A mini-league/ side game/ competition set up using the FISO forums is not the responsibility of FISO Ltd or its Director.

If you want to join a non-official mini-league then you should try and put in place some form of written agreement between the participants and the chairman (using real life names) with regard to the distribution of any prize won. This could be based upon a standard syndicate type agreements - showing the membership and how winnings are paid out. These should be signed but at least do an exchange of private messages.

If you do not receive the share of winnings you were expecting then do not blame FISO Ltd. You were warned.

Posts promoting MLs, Side Games or Competitions where a prize may be won and/ or an entry fee collected will not be permitted from any poster that has not been a member for at least 12 months, not posted actively within the previous 3 months or not achieved a minimum post count of 250.

If you are promoting your ML on FISO it would be appreciated that you include "FISO" in the ML title to promote this website.

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