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Game Over

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Copy of email sent out on 30 July 2009:

'Game Over!

Dear Channel 4 Fantasy Football manager,

We've had many enquiries recently asking when the registration for the 2009-10 fantasy season will begin. Sadly this year we've decided to spend some more time with our families, take some long walks with the dog, recharge the batteries and take a sabbatical - yes, we're not running a Fantasy League game next season.

We'd like to thank you and the other 45,000 players you've been pitted against for the last 11 months of wheeling and dealing, for agonising about whether to hang on to Rory Delap or swap him for Yossi Benayoun. These are the things that have kept us all awake at night for the past few seasons, and the decision to retire gracefully for the moment wasn't taken lightly.

If you still want to scratch your management itch in the coming season, we've found a whole new ball game for you. Well, three actually. Any of these should give you a good place to hang your boots while we're away. (We should just say that all these games are run by companies that we at Channel 4 aren't responsible for, so you're on your own here. We're also not passing your details on, so unless you choose to follow one of the following suggestions, you're not going to get any emails about fantasy football from anyone else, and you won't be signed up for another game. You really will be left alone unless you decide to get back in the saddle).

-- If you want to play a game with a similar format, visit AOL Fantasy Football

-- For something slightly different, why not try Sky Sports Fantasy Football

-- And to access a wide range of other fantasy games, visit" onclick=";return false;

Thanks for your support and good luck with your next game.

Channel 4 Fantasy Football Monthly '

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