FootballCoin is the most complete online fantasy football game. The game takes into account the real-life performances of football players and provides real winnings to the game’s greatest football managers.

Daily opportunities to prove your skill

FootballCoin hosts daily fantasy contests. This means that you can choose your ideal team before every contest. These events include players and teams from the world’s best and most famous football competitions.

The players which users can choose for their fantasy drafts are represented in the form of collectible cards. Most of the cards in the game can be freely chosen by any manager. However, the higher-ranked cards are digital assets that have been issued on FootballCoin’s own blockchain.

Here’s a game where you can take advantage of an eye for talent

The ranking of the players itself works in favour of the users. Cards receive a value ranging from 1* to 5*. Players with great performances are, periodically, upgraded to higher rankings. However, no players can have their ranking coefficient decreased. A user with a good eye for talent can opt to invest in a player with a smaller ranking, in hopes that their value will increase.

Enter an ungoverned game economy with its own currency

The players’ cards themselves receive a value expressed in XFC, the site’s official cryptocurrency. XFC is the bloodstream of the FootballCoin economy. All prices in the game (entry to private contests, card value, card exchange, etc.) are expressed in XFC.

XFC is a digital asset that acts as the in-game currency for FootballCoin. XFC was allotted only in a fixed and limited supply. 1 Billion XFC units were issued on the FootballCoin BlockChain platform. The fixed and limited number of coins in existence offers the security that the game can develop a healthy economy.

Fantasy football, real rewards

But, what happens once you have won XFC in any of FootballCoin’s contest? The currency can be used inside of the game similar to a token, or outside just as you would use any major cryptocurrency.

For example, fantasy football managers are able to use XFC to pay the entry fee to the contests or to purchase or lease player/stadium cards. XFC can also be traded on any of the exchanges that include the currency. It can be stored in the game wallet or any of the aforementioned exchanges.

How to register for FootballCoin

Registering and playing FootballCoin is done through a simple and intuitive platform. Once there, the game allows you to create your own tactics and opt for your favorite players.

The first step is to visit and register to the website. Once you’ve signed up and received the email, you can log in using the same information. Remember that you can opt to add the 2-FA method to further help secure your account.

Now, once logged in, you can choose to participate in the FootballCoin contests from the leagues that you enjoy best. The game developers set up official contests every week. Those are usually free to attend by anyone who has registered to the platform. The Premier League, La Liga, Champions League, or Serie A are, regularly, represented here.

However, for those looking to earn greater prizes, or simply to play against their friends, there’s always the option of private contests. These events are organized using a FootballCoin stadium card. They can host as little as 11 participants, and organizers receive rewards for setting up the contests. Furthermore, the organizer gets to choose the matches and entry fee involved with the event.

How are players scored in FootballCoin and how do you win?

After you have picked your Starting 11 along with your substitutes and Assistant Manager, you’ll need to wait to see how your players performed in their matches. You can go to the site’s Live & Stats section to receive updates.

Each player receives points based on his real-life performances. The final value is determined by the official scoring system. This includes elements such as the number of minutes played, goals scored, assists, yellow/red cards. Following the game, you will be able to see a detailed description of each player’s performance that includes the number of points received for each one of the components that makes up the scoring system.

Creating a winning team is all a matter of strategy. FootballCoin is a game of skill. Any information about players’ performance can prove an asset. Optimizing your squad draft, choosing an appropriate formation, going for the right substitutes, are all things that can play a part in your success.

Some of the newer features added to FootballCoin

The FootballCoin game has been active online for more than three years. During this period the game has seen constant improvements. The community of players has also grown. And, FootballCoin’s influence can be easily traced to many of the other fantasy sports games on the market.

The year 2020 saw some of the most interesting set of improvements. All of them were greeted with enthusiasm by the gaming community. First of all, the platform was given a nice makeover in order to compete with computer games that dominate the market at present. FootballCoin fans noted that the new interface makes the game much easier and friendlier to play.

You can also keep up the latest set of fantasy football-related news from FootballCoin’s news section. The blog part of the website also provides information regarding football tactics, fantasy football tips & tricks, etc.

A brand new set of features

Some of the notable game features include the lease, exchange, auction, card packs, as well as virtual contests.

The lease allows users to borrow a player for a finite period of time, for example for one game. Do you have an important contest coming up and are short of one player? If that card is being leased by a different user, you can easily borrow it for the time being in exchange for a small fee.

The exchange option lets you trade in cards that you no longer need. It’s simple. Just go to the section of cards you own and select the card you wish to give away. For a 10 XFC fee, you will receive a high quality, new card. All of the players that are included in this section are listed on the FootballCoin website.

With the auction feature, you can allow other users to bid on one of your cards throughout a set period of time. The highest bid wins.

The player card packs have, also, proven popular with FootballCoin users. Packs include 3 or 5 players from Europe’s top leagues. The English Premier League, French Ligue 1, Italian Serie A, German Bundesliga, and Spanish La Liga are included.

All of the cards in the packs are handpicked by the game developers. And, to make sure that users know what they are likely to get, the players in the packs are listed online.

Adding the virtual football component

The virtual fantasy football contests are one of the most exciting new components of the game. Creating it came about as a necessity during the coronavirus lockdown of 2020. FootballCoin wanted to offer its community a way to continue to enjoy fantasy football.

Created in record time, the virtual fantasy segment allows for users to enter contests in which results are simulated based on real-life statistics gathered over the last three seasons. The contests can be held throughout the day and in great numbers. Each user can host multiple contests each hour.

This allowed for the most passionate FootballCoin managers to continue to exercise their skills and accumulate points and other rewards. Considering the good feedback FootbalCoin has received for virtual fantasy football, the component will continue to remain part of the game, alongside the regular fantasy football aspects.


Throughout its existence, FootballCoin has partnered, exclusively, with reputable companies that share similar values.

For example, FootballCoin receives all of the data it uses in the game from Sportrdar, a multinational organization that specializes in delivering sports data and content to various media companies.

FootballCoin has also worked with the likes of Omnisport, Perform Group, Durby Sports Marketing, boost IT.

During the 2019/20 season, FootballCoin sponsored the Romanian first-team club, Politehnica Iași, and contributed to the club’s marketing effort.


FootballCoin remains the most complete, enjoyable, and realistic of all the fantasy football games online.

The company wishes to continue to provide users with the best gaming experience. Daily fantasy contests, a healthy market, and a vibrant community are just some of the elements with which FootballCoin welcomes new users.

Besides this, the game also wishes to use fantasy football as a means to introduce more people to the benefits of blockchain and cryptocurrency technologies.

FootballCoin will continue to be the ultimate game of skill for anyone passionate about football. Join us and prove that you are a great manager. Take control of your players, lead them to glory, and earn daily rewards!