FanTeam £1m Fantasy Premier League 2021/22

FanTeam have today launched their 2021/21 season-long Fantasy Premier League game with a guaranteed pool of £1million including a life changing £200,000 for 1st place. At £20 per entry, you get 9 months of entertainment and excitement along with the chance to win some serious cash. A number of fiso members finished in the prizes in the 20/21 season game.

On top of £200,000 for 1st place, there is £75,000 for 2nd, £50,000 for 3rd …… £10,000 for 10th and prizes are paid out all the way down to 5,000th place.

The game rules are fairly straightforward and little changed from the previous season:

The scoring systems has been slightly tweaked from the previous season to reduce the impact of the team winning/losing and to provide points for shots on target (that don’t result in a goal).

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