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Real-Life Performance Fantasy Football Games (N to Z)

Real-life performance Fantasy Football games run over the internet operate a scoring system reflecting REAL LIFE soccer matches, particularly the English Premiership Football League. Fantasy football competitions are a great way of following your favourite soccer teams or players or simply enhancing your viewing of the Premiership football matches. Our comments on the real-life fantasy football games offered online should help you choose which competition suits you best. If you know of a fantasy football competition that you think should be included within our pages then please use the submit URL form.

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What follows is a list of games reviewed and below that our commentary of each online game. For an up to date list go to our Forum.

Original Fantasy League

Fantasy League's Classic game challenges you to pick a 16 man squad from a budget of 75m and it is a challenge for quite a bit of thought needs to go into this before you rush in, particularly with the ability to play your team in various formations. You can only pick 2 players from each club. If you want to prove your management ability then this is the game for you and is well worth at least one entry costing 10. With Fantasy League behind the game you are virtually guaranteed a great well run game. Top prize is worth over 10,000.

Your entry is placed in a league of 10 teams (all who joined the game at a similar time to you) and your position in this league at mid November will determine whether you go into the Champions League, UEFA Cup or Inter-Toto competition. The subsequent play offs mean that the ultimate winner won't necessarily be the squad accruing the most points over the season as you're playing off against other teams in each play-off competition (there's a separate prize to the manager with the most points over the season). Your team changes can be made up to 15 minutes before kick off and you have 8 transfers per each game phase (3 phases in total).

Also available from Fantasy League is Fantasy League Professional, which costs 25 per entry. The same type of rules apply, but you must bid for your players against other entrants. There are no prizes involved in this game, just glory. Updated review 15 July 2005.

Premier Fantasy Football League (PFFL)

Premier Fantasy Football League is a free fantasy football game based on the results and performances of the Players and teams of the English Premiership.  Games are started twice yearly and the site accommodates corporate and private leagues. Reviewed 18 December 2001.

The Premier League have appointed the team behind the popular CYKI game (now obsolete) to set up and run a free to play fantasy football game for the official site. With a 15 man squad, 10 different formations, captains, automatic substitutions and unique scoring system, this game promises much. The transfer system allows you unlimited transfers but if you use any more than 1 per week, it costs you points and you can make a profit or loss because player values vary during the season, so fine judgment needed. Plenty of mini-leagues available. A simple registration with the Premier League required and game first starts for real on 10 September 2002 (pre-season practice available). Reviewed 23 August 2002.


The Pugh-Pugh website was originally designed as an update page for players in the Northumberland Fire Brigade Fantasy Football competition. This competition has now grown to having 300 managers and prize money in excess of 1,500 (with over 500 to the winner), mostly from Northumberland but now stretching as far as Australia, Holland and USA. Entry fee is 5 and the competition is now open to anyone who wishes to enter with the interest on the entrance fees going to the Fire Service benevolent Fund. Choose an 11 man squad with no more than 3 from any club. Also select 9 substitutes. There is also a prediction league available. Reviewed 31 August 2001.

Raise Your Game - RYG

Raise Your Game (RYG) came on to the fantasy football scene in early 2003. For 2003/04 Game 1 kicks off on Sept 13th and finishes on Dec 31st. Game 2 kicks off on Feb 1st and finishes on May 15th. It costs 10 to enter a Team in one of the Games. On the basis of at least 5,000 teams there will be 20,000 or prize money.

To play choose a Team of 11 Premiership players: 1 Goalkeeper, 4 Defenders, 3 Midfielders and 3 Forwards. You have a maximum spending limit of 55 million and no more than 2 players can come from any Premiership team. Goal scored points are different depending on the position played and there is a hat-trick bonus. There is a Super League facility.


Soccer4-2-4 was launched in July 2004 and is based on stars from La Liga, Seria A, Bundesliga as well as the EPL and SPL. Teams must be in a 4-2-4 formation, capped to 64million, and maximum one player per team. First prize for 2004/05 is 5,000 and there are runners up prizes available such that the prize pool is 10,000. Reviewed 14 July 2004.

Sporting News

This is an American based website which offers a game based on the English Premier League (Premier League Soccer). Pick a flexible lineup of 11 players in the Premiership: 1-3 strikers, 3-5 midfielders, 3-5 defenders, and 1 keeper. A grand prize of $500 and a prize pool of over 250 prizes. The player then selects which league to be entered into: ‘Create’ which allows the user to create his / her own league, ‘User’ which allows a player to join a league created by someone else, or ‘Auto’ which puts the player into a random league. The nice touch about this game is that the players’ values increase and decrease depending on the amount of times they have been bought / sold by other players. So the rule is buy low and sell high (if you can). Free to enter but extra transfers cost.


FREE entry to the English Premiership Fantasy League competition as well as many other British and European Fantasy League competitions. Winner's prize usually 100.

Telegraph Total Football (TTF) - formerly TFFO

There are some fundamental changes to TTF (formerly TFFO) for 2005/06. For full details see our TTF forum -

Below are notes on TFFO for 2004/05:

TFFO used to run 3 games - Premiership, FA Cup and Champions League.

TFFO Premiership - with an 18 man squad system, daily substitutions, 12 transfers and enough cash (80m) to spend to let you get a large number of star names in your team (definitely fantasy football!), TFFO is a hugely fun game provided their software and servers stand up to the strain (and with their timed weekend substitution changes which can be set up on Thursday and Friday we hope there won't be any problems). There is no restriction on the number of players from each club. Entry fee is 7.50 per team (or 15 for 3 teams) with the winner's prize money 10,000. 

The introduction in November 2000 of timed changes over the weekend was a brilliant innovation - beware this is only available on Thursdays and Fridays and you can override the timed changes. So, for example, if you set timed changes for 3pm on Saturday and 4pm on Sunday but go in on Saturday morning and change things then this just effects the Saturday changes you made - after these matches have occurred, your Sunday timed changes will come into force. 

At least 12 transfers are available (you can use no more than 5 in any month) and monthly prizes also on offer of up to 1,000. There is an added element with a star player selection who will score double points for you - this tests your ability to judge who is most likely to score well on the day. Just under 30,000 teams entered the Premiership game in 2001/02 (over 60,000 teams entered in 2000/01 but this was when the competition was free).

TFFO FA Cup - choose 18 strikers/midfielders from 18 ranked groups from the 3rd round of the FA Cup and see how they fare through to the Final. 12 transfers are allowed. You can choose more than one striker from each club. The first prize is 2,000 and the entry is 3.

Each goal scored by one of your strikers earns you points and these increase with every round they progress. And the lower the division, the more points a striker earns you per goal. A striker from the lowest group can score up to 10 times more points for a goal than a striker from the top group. Choose a star player for each round and his points are doubled. So find that 'low group' on form striker whose team progresses through to the latter stages of the FA Cup and you could be on to a winner!

You can also bump up your points between rounds with an online Quiz which is part historic questions and part predictions. Receive 5 points for each correct answer with 5 questions appearing each Monday and answers needed by Friday midnight.

TFFO Champions League - one entry costs 5 with a 5,000 prize on offer for the top fantasy squad containing 18 players from European clubs (2 goalkeepers, 6 defenders, 6 midfielders and 4 strikers) and using an 80m budget. 12 transfers for the season. 

Read our interview with Jim Cameron, The Product Manager of TPLO ('tele'). 

Download TFFO 2002/03 player scores in an excel file from this web page.

UEFA Champions League, who are behind the very popular Can You Kick It ( ), operate the official UEFA Champions League game that is live for this season at - this is a free to enter competition with the main prize being tickets to the final. Generally a very popular game with 120,000 teams by the end of last season. They'll also be a UEFA cup game which will start in time for round 4. Each participant of the UEFA Champions League Fantasy Football game, enters one squad.  The selected squad must consist of:

  • 2 x Goalkeepers
  • 5 x Defenders
  • 5 x Midfielders
  • 3 x Strikers

You can select up to five players from each UEFA Champions League team. Each player has been given a value. The total value of your initial squad must not exceed 100 million Euros. The value of each player is detailed on the game registration page. Reviewed 1 October 2001.

Ultimate Soccer

A free to play brand new game (based on real-life results) and a summary of the rules is as follows:

Every week you will be given a fixture against another UltimateSoccer Manager. The objective is to beat them and steer your side to the top of the league. For each match you will have the opportunity to select your starting 11 and 5 substitutes. Their performances will determine just how well your side gets on. Every player receives a rating from one of our correspondents at the grounds. If they play well or badly, score, get a yellow or red card, are the star player for their side, keep a clean sheet (goalkeepers) or miss a penalty, they accumulate points or have points deducted from their overall rating. These ratings then convert into Ultimate points and Ultimate points convert into Ultimate goals (see the scoring scale in Points Scoring & Goals).

These Ultimate goals will determine the result of the game - it's a straight head to head. The manager with the most goals wins, if the scores are level then it's a draw. The results are then used to compile the Ultimate Soccer league table. Your plight as a manager and your position in the league will depend upon how well you select your Ultimate team on a weekly basis.' Reviewed January 2003.


WAFFL - The World Association Fantasy Football League - is based on the FA Premier League but has a twist from most fantasy football games in that you pick 4 components from the EPL teams. For example Spurs Goalkeeper, Liverpool defense, Man Utd midfield and Chelsea attack. Points are based on actual performance by each team from which you have a component - in essence goals let in by your GK and defense teams are subtracted from your midfield and attack's team goals. Your team plays against another team each week in a league format. WAFFL has grown from a results prediction game for a dozen British ex-pats based in Kuwait and had 4 divisions of 16 teams each for the 2001/02 season. Promotion and relegation from each Division at stake as well as prize money for the top places. A cup competition and monthly prizes are also on offer. There is a separate 'Loads-A-Money' (LAM) League based on the European Champions League. Updated review 9 August 2001.

Welsh Fantasy Football

A Fantasy Football website dedicated to the League of Wales has been launched. It is FREE to enter and play, and has a 1st Prize of 5,000. With 150,000 to spend, you can use your own skill to select your team online from all the current League of Wales players (with no more than 3 from any club), or pick a random team automatically selected by their system. 45 transfers per season gives you plenty of scope to adjust to injuries and form. Reviewed 20 August 2001.

Yahoo! Fantasy Football

Yahoo! Sports Fantasy Soccer is a FREE weekly (Saturday to Friday) game based on the English Premiership. Select your line up by midnight on Friday's but you have to keep to an overall 100 'unit' valuation of your 11 players. Each player's unitary valuation is adjusted, using a Yahoo! logarithm to take into account real life performances, within 36 hours of the end of each day's games. The 11 man line up you select each week can be 3-5-2, 4-4-2 or 4-3-3, so there is plenty of flexibility. Points are based on several Opta statistics such as goals, assists, shots on target, successful crosses, fouls, winning tackles, yellow and red cards. Make sure you update your unit values for players in your team who have decreased in value - this frees up more units to be spent on other moves. Some great performance and statistical charts to help you decide on your team. Very popular game.

Play Yahoo! Fantasy Football? Then check out My Team Talk, a Yahoo! Fantasy Football Forum


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