Fantasy Sports Games To Make You Addicted

Fantasy games have grown insane popularity recently. Gamers adore them for incredibly realistic graphics and sports fans get addicted to them over the opportunity to play in one team with their biggest idols. Although they do not mind playing against them. Fancy simulators are capable of getting all the free time even of the experienced players. They are based on the statistical performances of the actual athletes in the actual games. The system turns those numbers into points, which show off the real activity of this or that sportsman. This is why you get a player with his actual skills in the virtual game. This is one of the features that makes them extremely realistic. When picking up a game to play you never know if it is worth your attention. Sad, but true, there are no checklists for online games as there are for online casinos, like Casinority where you can check all the features you are interested in way before you start an account. What to do? How to find out what are the coolest fantasy sports games? Here is the list of the five simulators that are worth trying. See them all to find something special.

1. Fantasy Baseball Commissioner
A premium game with custom features and scoring rules, plus exclusive player rewards. If you want to play baseball and receive regular payments for every lucky shot – get into this game right now. Stunning graphic together with realistic gaming moves are making it flawless. This is why it has that many fans all over the world.

2. Fox Basket Challenge
The most awesome simulator for those who cannot imagine their lives without NBA. If you think it is pretty easy to get hat orange ball and hit the score in the virtual match – try your skills in this cool game. Even pro gamers have to work hard to win the championship and grab the main prize here.

3. FOX Sports Fantasy Football
One more from FOX. The platform is absolutely free and presents a unique up-to-minute live scoring. Available for all the mobile devices. You can play from your tablet, smartphone or enter the website with your PC. Enjoy live, automated and offline drafts. Every motion is highly accurate which turns the game into the pure pleasure.

4. 2016 Fantasy Football Strategy: Nix the kicker
This is definitely the most awaited game of the year. Too many rumors about it disturbed all the fans’ minds. What do we have as a result? The fifth season of the well-known saga all the advanced players keep admiring since 2011. Exciting, spectating, perfect.

5. Euro Fantasy League
The right choice for those who know how to play soccer in reality. It offers you a wide choice of popular European leagues. You can choose the most famous soccer stars as your team members and train your players to perform the newest secret strategies. Stunning design and realistic graphics will not leave you indifferent. The game is absolutely free. You can play alone or invite your friends and make them take the challenge.