Fantasy sports and traditional betting – a common ground

There really is not much difference when it comes to daily fantasy sports and the practice of traditional betting. For example, both of these involve different forms of gambling. The former is just an accelerated form of fantasy sports. Now these are sports where players make up teams with pre-ordained value and within a certain salary cap. Points are earned based on how the teams and players perform in the real world. It’s all about the statistics involved here.

Whether you are betting on fantasy sports or traditional sports, the aim is always to win. In case of the latter, there is a great event coming up – the 2018 FIFA World Cup. It’s slated to be the greatest tournament when it comes to international football and will offer all kinds of betting opportunities, and fantastic chances to make good money. Furthermore, you’d need expert tips to make the most of these offers (here’s where you can get World Cup tips online). Any kind of sports betting is all about knowing the sport (much like fantasy football) to ensure that bets aren’t just random gambling but is about making the smartest, most strategic bets possible.

To come back to our discussion, the similarities in both the genres are striking. Let’s look at a few.

The ability to profit

In both the genres fortune to a large extent depends on the skills of the player. A skilled person in the capacity of a professional gambler has the potential to make an extremely decent sum of money consistently in both formats. Both of them bank on the player’s knowledge of the sport and how it is used to place required bets. Slowly but surely the realm of fantasy sports is syncing in with the traditional world we know so well – here’s an article to that point.

They’re both legal and safe

In continuation with our earlier point and the article in question, we can see that legality is not really a big hurdle in these two genres. Both of them are considered to be completely safe and legal in many parts of the world. A bit of a sticky situation arises if you are in the US. But even that can be got around. Simply use the Las Vegas book. That way your dealings stay legal and you have nothing to worry about. That’s because these books operate well within the law and are prompt in their pay outs. Online may be a little trickier sometimes so try to look for books that are unlikely to be affected by the US laws.

A commissions game

Both these genres depend on commissions for the bookers to stay in the game. That’s how they make their money. There’s nothing wrong with that, is there? After all the players are making money and the ones who provide a platform for the players to make that money should be making money too. Otherwise, why provide the service in the first place. Generally speaking the commission in daily fantasy sports arena touches about 10%, in the traditional scheme of things the rate is a little lower. The question of legalization has brought in another interesting angle into all this – it seems that now official sports bodies wants a cut of the profits from legalized betting.

There also exist a few dissimilarities between these two genres, but that’s a topic for another time. Right now if you are into traditional betting, delve right into the fantasy sports world.