Fantasy Premiership Football 2015/16

The start of the English Premier League (EPL) is only 3 days away and fiso’s Fantasy Football forums are abuzz with news and talk on players and tactics. Much of the discussions centre around the major Fantasy Football games such as Fantasy Premier League (FPL forum), Telegraph Fantasy Football (TFF forum) and The Sun Dream Team (DreamTeam forum) but there are many other fantasy football games to play.

The early start of the EPL means fantasy football managers are more concerned than normal over player fitness, particularly the likes of top players such as Manchester City’s Aguero and Arsenal’s Sanchez who both played in the latter stages of the Copa America. Pre season matches have been monitored by fiso members for early player form and some of the big money transfers, such as Benteke to Liverpool, Sterling to Manchester City, Cech to Arsenal and Depay to Manchester United, have all been put in the melting pot when considering who to choose for their fantasy football team. Some game rule changes such as TFF’s relaxed transfer timing rules and FPL’s new bonuses (‘chips’) also need to be factored in for the new season.

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If you have not entered your Fantasy Football team then time is running out!