Fantasy Premier League: Five Tips and Tricks That Will Elevate Your Game

With more than nine million active users competing in thousands of different leagues, the Fantasy Premier League is at its peak of popularity. What was just a niche form of entertainment for the most devoted Premier League connoisseurs has now turned into a true goliath of its kind. Millions of football fans across the globe are now tuning in every Friday afternoon to deal with the same headache of choosing the best possible lineup that will help them climb to the top of their leagues.

Photo by Nathan Rogers on Unsplash

With the massive growth in popularity and the expansion of the player pool, mastering the Fantasy Premier League becomes more and more challenging every week.

However, FPL players willing to improve are in a great position, considering the abundance of plentiful resources the internet can offer. Players nowadays can find many tips, tricks, and strategies online that can help them elevate their game. The following part of this article will present the five most crucial ones that can help any FPL player get ahead of their competitors. People interested in casino gaming can also check the following link to find out the top 10 places that offer the best Merkur no-deposit bonuses.

Put serious thoughts into your picks

It’s impossible to be consistently good in Fantasy Premier League without dedicating a fair amount of time and without putting deep thoughts into the picks, so FPL players with high aspirations should be ready to turn into real football scouts every Friday.

Utilizing statistics and keeping a close eye on the news are just two simple ways for players to increase their knowledge of the game. The performance of each football player can vary against different opponents with a particular style of play, so FPL players should always analyze the matchups and check the detailed statistics of the previous encounters between the teams.

Pick your defenders carefully

Choosing three defenders from Manchester City seemed like a genius idea until Brentford came along and stunned the Citizens at their own ground. To dodge getting their Fantasy dreams crushed in situations like the one above, FPL players should avoid selecting multiple defenders from one team. Another common mistake among FPL beginners is splurging a large portion of the budget on premium defenders.

Hold on to your chips

Every player wants to score as many points as possible in the earliest stage of the season, however, as Product Owner – Tony Sloterman says, Fantasy Premier League is a marathon, not a sprint. Although it can be very tempting, players should avoid using their Triple Captain feature in the early stages and save it for a double-game week to make the most of it.

Analyze other FPL managers

The game allows players to see the teams of their competitors after their first game week has started. This feature is a great opportunity for novices to examine the lineup selections of the managers sitting at the top of the table and learn more about the game.

Get information from FPL websites

We live in an era where the internet is full of resources that can help us in plenty of ways, and the list of websites that offer valuable information regarding the Fantasy Premier League is getting longer each day. These websites have various tips and strategies that could help new and experienced players broaden their FPL knowledge, so players should not think twice about paying them a visit.