Fantasy NBA €50,000 Monster Tonight!

FanTeam, Europe’s biggest daily fantasy football provider, are running their first NBA €50,000 Monster tonight after the run-away success of their season-long NBA game which received 3 times as many entries as expected.

Here are tonight’s NBA fixtures:

Selecting 7 players with a budget of $72m is not easy. We’ve gone for 3 expensive picks and 4 budget picks. We’ve used FISO’s season-long NBS stats page to help our selections. Here are the top-ranked players overall based on Points per $Million in the season-long game (the prices in the Monster though will be different but it does give a good indicator). Remember that most but not all NBA teams play tonight (so, for example, 2nd ranked Andre Drummond of the Cleveland Cavaliers doesn’t play in the Monster).

We’ve also had a quick look at an NBA Injury news table and at the NBA website for the latest news ($14.6m Kyrie Irving misses tonight’s Brooklyn Nets game at the Memphis Grizzlies) although FanTeam do mark in yellow or red those players not expected to play and their safety net rule applies to this game.

So finally here’s our Fantasy NBA Monster team for tonight where we’ve spent heavy on the forwards:

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