Fantasy Football Strategy: Ways to Improve Your Dream Roster

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Anyone who’s into sports is bound to have some favorite teams to root for the longer they tune in. They would likely root for those specific players that stand out during games, as well. Then they’d start imagining, “what would it be like if those players had been part of a group and form a ‘super team’?”

That’s the thought on people’s heads when they decide to join and play Fantasy Sports and try to form their very own dream team. Forming your dream roster offers its own fun and allows fans and bettors to pick players. However, it’s different for competitive Fantasy drafting. Those who participate in these games plan carefully and make drafting decisions to have an optimal strategy for team formation.

When it comes to betting and rooting for football teams, you have to at least understand the rules of the game to play it effectively. Listed below are some things you need to consider if you are looking to join some Fantasy Football and draft a team with a promising run for the current season.

Youth or Experience?

One aspect that would be heavily debated is whether you should pick fresh and upcoming talent over the hardened veterans. Young players have a definite physical advantage since youth comes with strength and vitality, but one shouldn’t ignore the experience and insight that comes with age. 

A notable example of young talent would be Kansas City Chiefs’ quarterback Patrick Mahomes II. Currently in his fourth year playing in the NFL, the young quarterback has been the team’s starter for three seasons. Mahomes has been setting records of his own with the Chiefs, like the 50 touchdown passes and 5,097 passing yards during his 2018 season, breaking the previous records set by former players.

Veterans like Ben Roethlisberger have yet to leave the limelight and retire from the NFL, so he shouldn’t be counted out just yet. The quarterback for the Pittsburgh Steelers, currently in his 17th year playing for them and in the NFL, is leading the team through another playoff run this season.

He’s showing that he shouldn’t be underestimated despite his age by adding another run to the nine playoffs appearances so far, tallying seven championships in the AFC North, four in the AFC overall, and two Super Bowl wins out of three appearances.

Combination of Consistency and Dominance

Picking the most dominant players would be the basic instinct for anyone into the fantasy draft. Players having excellent stats would make promising additions to your dream roster. However, how long will they be able to keep their pace up? Having a combination of dominance and consistency would make your roster more solid and considerably formidable.

Star players from top teams having an outstanding season would be the obvious choice for drafters to add to their rosters. For those playing Fantasy Football, this would mean that they would rely more on those players to make their team a more competent one.

Fantasy players employ point systems like Points Per Reception (PPR) and game ranking to discern a player’s standing for this season. This means the more stats they tally, the more points bestowed to the players, and the more consistent they are for the season.

Account for Injuries and Medical History

As harsh as it may sound, players are of no use to their teams if they’re injured, except for moral support, of course. The same can be said even in a fantasy draft, but without the moral support, since having a healthy roster would guarantee overall stability. With that, you wouldn’t need to switch the injured players around with other players and compromise the current roster.

Such is the case for draft picks like Drew Brees, the New Orleans Saints’ quarterback, and Buffalo Bills’ tight end, Tommy Sweeney. Brees sustained 11 rib fractures and suffered from a collapsed lung during the matchups against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and San Francisco 49ers. Meanwhile, Sweeney was diagnosed with myocarditis related to COVID-19 and is out for the season.

Circumstances like this hurt those who prefer having players like them in their roster. There are times when a player returning from recovery ups their game and posts stats better than before. With that being said, monitoring a player’s health and injury history proves to be vital for both actual rosters and dream drafts.


Drafting a reliable, robust lineup is advisable in football when aiming for success, preferably in the long term. The same can be said in Fantasy football since drafting high-level players can give you an advantage and help you win matchups against other players.

Considering the crucial factors in making a balanced and competent roster, you can also add personal preferences or your favorite players. In that way, you’ll have more fun modifying your roster and setting up your chances at winning matchups.