Fantasy FIFA eSports

Even though domestic and international football for the 2019-2020 season has been postponed indefinitely in most countries in Europe and around the world due to the current crisis, football fans around the world have not been standing idly by. Football’s sudden absence left a considerable void in the lives of millions of people and eSports have filled part of that space. That doesn’t mean just eSports players, but viewers as well. Twitch, for example, the most popular platforms for game streamers at this moment worldwide, saw total viewership for March 2020 grow by 31%.

Considering our year-long focus on fantasy football, and fantasy Premier League football in particular, it’s no surprise that football is our fantasy eSport of interest. We figured it could be interesting to see how the crisis has affected this relatively new industry and what it can mean for you. That’s because FanTeam wouldn’t be Europe’s leading fantasy football provider if they were not offering several electronic football tournaments as well, like the FIFA eSports Bundesliga and the FIFA eSports Champions League, to compensate for King Football’s absence.

In other words you can still play on FanTeam and keep entertained during lock-down in your country. Like the other fantasy tournaments on FanTeam, the eSports tournaments come in a pay-to-play format. Amongst the available payment methods are even digital wallets, like Skrill and Neteller, that allow cryptocurrencies as a payment option. If this has your preference, all you need to do is transfer the cryptocurrency of your choice to your Skrill or Neteller wallet, select it as your preferred method of payment, and voilà. Your cryptocurrency payments are ready for use. Many people around the world, including footballers and football fans, are turning to cryptocurrencies and automated crypto trading apps like in order to generate returns given the low interest rates offered on safer deposit accounts. Many official bank rates are at or very close to 0% now and trading in bitcoin can offer greater rewards.

Fantasy FIFA eSports on FanTeam

FanTeam are offering several Fantasy FIFA eSports tournaments while the immediate future of real-time football is still entirely uncertain. In case you hadn’t considered one of the existing tournaments, we’ll take a quick look at the available ones below. One of the great things about FanTeam is that many of the concepts for their different tournaments are (almost) identical. This allows you to participate in several tournaments and leagues without having to get the hang of a whole new set of rules each time. Keep in mind as well that factors like player prices and budgets can vary per gameweek.

The FIFA eFootball Daily Event

The concept of this tournament is quite simple. Out of the eight available eSports players, you can pick three within a budget of 50.5M. You can get a ticket for €1 or €5 to play for prize pools of around €500 or around €2000, respectively. This means that for a relatively low entry price, you can participate in daily tournaments with a chance of some serious returns.

FIFA eFootball Champions League

The FIFA eFootball Champions League tournament is quite similar to the FIFA eFootball Daily Event on Fanteam in the sense that players need to pick a team of three eSports teams, but within a budget of between 40M and 50M, depending of the gameweek. The eSporters involved can only pick teams that are currently still in the Champions League. Again, this tournament can be entered via a ticket of €1 or €5, while the prize money lies around €500 and €2000, respectively.

FIFA Bundesliga Home Challenge

As the name of this weekly tournament indicates, the FIFA Bundesliga Home Challenge is based on the highest league of German football and was specially set up to encourage people to stay home while the corona threat is still present around the world. With a ticket of €1 or €5, you can bet on the teams you feel will score most points in order to get a piece of the prize pools, as long as you stay within the predetermined budget of 54.5M. These are usually set at around €1000 and €3000 in total, respectively. For aficionados of Bundesliga football, this is an excellent form of entertainment during lock-down times.

The FanTeam FIFA Cup

For the FanTeam FIFA Cup, the game concept is largely identical to the other eFootball tournaments on the website, but only one type of entry ticket is usually available: €5 to play for a prize pool of around €2000. You need to stick to a budget of around 55M and the availability in this popular fantasy tournament tends to vary between 400 and 700 available spots. At the time of writing all of the FanTeam FIFA Cup games have finished, but this is a weekly game, so look out for the FanTeam FIFA Cup next week.

FIFA eSports Champions League

The fifth and final eSports concept that is currently available on FanTeam on a weekly basis is the FIFA eSports Champions League tournament. Like the other Champions League game organised by FanTeam, this one also focuses on fantasy teams from the 2019-2020 Champions League campaign. By buying a €5 ticket and picking three eSports players from the available roster, players can compete for a prize pool of around €1000. The parameters, such as budget and the prize pools, can always vary per week and the same goes for all of the other fantasy FIFA eSports on FanTeam. That’s why we recommend, if you’re planning to give FanTeam a try (or if you’re already an avid player), to keep an eye on the website and make sure you’re aware of when the new tournaments are being uploaded. The sooner you know the exact parameters for a gameweek, the sooner you can being to plan for the best possible team selections.