Fantasy Cricket’s Rise and Some Top Brands to Look Out For

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Fantasy football might generate plenty of discussion in these parts, but it should not be forgotten that many other sports have also embraced similar concepts in recent times.

One which has enjoyed a significant level of success across the last few years is fantasy cricket, as the whole scene has gone on to enjoy major growth.

Showcase your expertise

Many sports fans love having the chance to show off their knowledge and it is fair to say that cricket enthusiasts are no different. Fortunately, they have a range of options when it comes to highlighting their expertise these days.

For example, plenty of cricket video games have been released through the years and given players the chance to test their skills and strategies. Cricket has found a home in the ever-growing world of mobile gaming too, with many different titles emerging for both smartphone and tablet. Those looking at how to make money in cricket may even consider sports betting, with Asiabet offering guides on major tournaments, including the Indian Premier League (IPL). The site features betting predictions linked to the event, while it also highlights the latest bonuses and free bets that are available in relation to the competition.

Asiabet also puts a spotlight on fantasy cricket and explains how the online game sees players select a team of stars within a certain budget. The players then collect points based on how the members of their side perform in real life. The figures around fantasy cricket are massive and a report released by KPMG in March 2019 outlined how it is particularly big in India. The publication highlighted that the number of operators in the space rose by seven times from 2016 to 2018, while user figures also increased by more than 25 times between June 2016 and February 2019. But, if you’re keen to get started with fantasy cricket, which apps should you look out for? Here are three notable names to keep tabs on.


This fantasy cricket app is arguably one of the best known among cricket fans, as the brand was a major sponsor of the 2020 edition of the IPL.

The official site details how players simply select an upcoming match, create a team of players and then join either private or public contests. It also offers the chance to chat in groups, while players can also get a cash bonus if invited friends go on to sign up.


Another major name to look out for in the fantasy cricket space is My11Circle. Part of Games24x7, the official site explains how players get 100 credits to build the perfect squad. They can then take part in both practice and cash competitions.

Players have a range of issues to consider, including the number of batsmen and bowlers they choose to select and who they opt to make their captain and vice-captain. The My11Circle site also goes on to suggest that several elements make fantasy cricket compelling. More specifically, it details how the game puts players in control, while it adds that it can feel like you are playing with the team.


Mobile Premier League made headlines in the cricket world in November, when it was revealed that its sports merchandise brand MPL Sports would be the official kit sponsor for the Indian cricket team. The Board of Control for Cricket in India’s announcement confirmed that a three-year deal had been agreed.

The official MPL site describes the platform as India’s biggest gaming app and it offers a whole host of different titles including Rogue Heist, Pool, and Chess. Fantasy cricket features prominently, with players once again having 100 credits with which to build their perfect side. MPL users also have a range of options for instant withdrawals, as the site details how it supports the likes of Paytm wallet, UPI, Amazon Pay, and bank transfer.

Start playing today

The fantasy sports world is really thriving at the moment, with the scene around cricket going from strength to strength.

The names highlighted above are just a handful of the notable brands to keep an eye on if you plan to enter the space, so take some time to discover which might ultimately be right for you. Fantasy cricket appears to be on the rise, and it will be interesting to see how the area develops in the coming years.