Fantasy Cricket: The Best Beginner’s Guide

Fantasy cricket is an exciting online game that is sure to get you hooked. You may think it is just entertainment for avid cricket fans with an overactive imagination. However, the game can thrill anyone.

The point of the game is to assemble an online cricket team from real-life cricket players and then score points depending on their individual performance in the game. Before you dive right in the game, be sure to find and check fantasy cricket guide for the keys to success. Let’s look at where you can start.

Choose Your Platform

The game is gaming popularity fast, with new platforms appearing on the internet. Study user reviews and site ratings to identify a reliable site like Stumped. To start crafting your team, you will need a registered account.


You can see a list of matches scheduled for the day and pick the one you like. You could opt for an international or domestic match and then proceed to selecting players from those who will actually be involved in the game in real life.

Any real-time cricket team includes eleven players. You will need to pick eleven players that will be included in your own virtual squad. Next, wait for the match and gain points based on the performance of those players. Their runs, wickets, and catches will bring you points. 

To win, your squad has to finish with the maximum number of points and the top position on the leaderboard. The game, therefore, is a wild fusion of real-life and virtual sports. You will be thrilled.


The three available formats are One Day International, Twenty20 and Test Cricket. One Day International is for a limited-overs game, where two international teams have a set number of overs, most often fifty. T20 is a shortened format, the third type has the longest duration, corresponding to the highest game standard.


As soon as you start playing, you will be engrossed. The stakes are high, the analysis is abundant, and the hook factor is irresistible. As you accumulate cricket knowledge and practical experience, your results are sure to improve. Betting real money on fantasy cricket is a way to enjoy this exciting pastime and get a profit.


  1. Do not stick to your favourites blindly. This player may not be in his best shape at the moment, so supporting him will only fail.
  2. Do your homework. Naturally, research on each of your potential players is a must. The platform you play on may simplify the process by providing all the necessary links.
  3. Monitor trading deadlines. You have to know which teams are playing, and which are expected to make it to the group stages. Otherwise, you will be wasting space.
  4. Check your team. This may sound unnecessary, but you should devote at least 15 minutes a day to checking how your fantasy teammates are doing. For example, one of them will miss the upcoming tournament due to injury.