Fantasy Cheltenham: Where and How Do You Participate?

The Cheltenham Festival is well over 160-years old at this point, and it remains one of the most prestigious hurdle racing events in Europe. Fantasy Cheltenham, on the other hand, is the official fantasy race associated with the Cheltenham Festival, in which thousands of fans from across the globe participate every year. Read on as we explain the basics of how you too can become a part of Fantasy Cheltenham.

How Should You Get Started?

Before you get started, you will first need to have a pretty good idea about the horses, jockeys, and trainers who would be participating in the festival, as well as a solid understanding of how the real-life horseracing event works.

Keep in mind that the Cheltenham Festival isn’t simply a single horse race, but an important leg of the National Hunt horseracing event as a whole. It consists of 28 races in total, each of which will be important for your own Fantasy Cheltenham success. Stay ahead of the competition with these Cheltenham tips from the experts GG. Understanding the odds and staying updated with the necessary info about the event is going to be crucial if you wish to do well in the fantasy race.

Where Can You Get Started?

To start playing, players can visit the Fantasy Cheltenham website. This is where the registration and enlisting will happen for the coming event, but as far as the latest info and relevant updates are concerned, players will need to gather them from sources such as pro bookmakers and sports news outlets.

Are There Any Requirements?

No minimum requirements are specified, so just about any individual or group willing to play Fantasy Cheltenham is welcome to do so. There is only a fee of €20/ticket, which the participants will need to pay.

Can You Sell Fantasy Cheltenham Tickets?

Yes, if you become an official Fantasy Cheltenham ticket seller for a club or a group, you will be allowed to sell as many as 199 tickets with a 50% profit on each sale. Considering that this will not require any resource expenses on the seller’s part, so it presents a lucrative opportunity to turn a good profit for ticket sellers.

How to Play Fantasy Cheltenham Online?

It remains more or less the same every year, but your ticket should have additional instructions if any new changes are introduced. Just go through the step-by-step process, as detailed next:

  • Choose your 5 winning horses (just one from each race) for the first five races and note down the unique numbers assigned to each horse.
  • Go to the Fantasy Cheltenham website linked earlier and click on Play Online.
  • A prompt will come up, asking for your ticket number and Play PIN.
  • After entering the information, you will be officially ready to play Fantasy Cheltenham online.

How to Play Fantasy Cheltenham Manually?

Alternatively, one can just take the manual route if they do not want to play online. In that case, pay a visit to the Fantasy Cheltenham website, and send a text with your selections to their registered phone number, or email them the same at their registered email ID. Whether you send a text or an email, follow this format:

  • Ticket Number: HNR1, HNR2, HNR3, HNR4, HNR5
  • For example, 1202: 11, 3, 8, 5, 14

*(HNR = Horse Number from Race)

Do note that all these steps must be completed before the clock strikes 12pm on race day, and preferably much earlier than that.

How to Get Your Play PIN?

You could get your Play PIN issued to you at any time during the last weekend before the Cheltenham Festival begins. That is usually the time when clubs and groups register their members’ tickets online, and a text is sent to each ticket holder, confirming this.

Your Play PIN will also be generated simultaneously, meaning that you should be able to retrieve it from the website soon after receiving the confirmation text. No Play PIN will be issued for you if your club does not register your ticket online in due time.

Note that a Play PIN will not be required if you don’t play Fantasy Cheltenham online. Follow the manual method of registration mentioned previously if you don’t want to wait on the Play PIN. For playing online though, then you will most certainly need a registered PIN to participate.