Fantasy Champions League 2021 – €250,000 guaranteed prize pool

FanTeam’s UEFA Champions League fantasy competition gets underway on Tuesday 16 February 2021 at 8pm. A massive prize fund (paid in £GBP or €euros) awaits the top 2,500 placed teams with 10% (€25k) to the overall winner.

With a wildcard available after the 1st set of home and away fixtures (GW1 & GW2) i.e. the last 16 and another wildcard available after the quarter finals (GWs 3 & 4 – deadline 90 minutes before the 1st kick-off in the GW), along with 3 free transfers for GW2 and GW4 (deadline 90 minutes before the 1st kick-off in the GW), it’s really a case of setting your team up for each Champions League round. So for GW1 & 2 just focus on the last 16 fixtures and forget about the quarter finals or later rounds.

The only odds-on favourites to win their opening fixture are Bayern Munich and Manchester City who are the two overall favourites to win the competition which ends on 29 May 2021 hence it is likely a number of teams will consist of 3 players from each team. No transfers will be available after the semi-finals kick-off so the players in your team are set for the Final as well but then you can have 5 players per team for the semi-finals (instead of just 3 for the last 16 and quarters).

The safety net is also in play which means, if a selected player does not start, the game will then automatically replace this player with the next lowest-priced player from the same position (GK, DEF, MID, FOR) who starts for that same team. This is regardless of whether or not your selected player does take to the field later in the game. A summary of the rules is:

The FanTeam Champions League scoring system (don’t forget about the 1 point team win bonus/loss) is:

So over 3 months of entertainment on offer but get your entries in by 8pm Tuesday 16th February (although if you miss the GW1 deadline you can still enter for GW2 and receive 75% of the average points from GW1). Join the FISO forum discussion on FanTeam’s 2021 Champions League game.