FA Cup Betting: The Top Tips

With the FA cup having reached the Quarter Final stages, the stage is set to predict the winners. Clearly, the favourites would have to be Manchester City and Manchester United. The draws for the Quarters are as follows:

QF1: Swansea vs Manchester City

QF2: Watford vs Crystal Palace

QF3: Wolverhampton Wanderers vs Manchester United

QF4: Millwall vs Brighton & Hove Albion

If you are into FA Cup football betting with Betway, we are sure you have a good many questions. Don’t worry – we can help you out with them. Read on!

The Top Tips to Help You Make the Right Predictions

Let us look at each of these fixtures in detail:

For the first quarter final, one would easily assume that Man City are clear favourites to win this match given their exemplary form. They have dominated from the first minute in most of the matches they have played through this season and may see this match as a regular fixture. The odds fare heavily stacked against Swansea but Man City’s recent loss against Newcastle exposed a chip in their armour and Swansea will be hoping to capitalize on it.  With Betway, you can bet on all of these matches. 

The second quarterfinal would be an interesting match with the head to heads between the teams being pretty close. Watford have been in much better form this season and will also have an upper hand having won the last 2 matches when these teams met in the last 6 months. That said, Crystal Palace has thrown us some surprises in the last couple of years so one can expect a close match.

Quarter Final 3 is another result that most people may predict in favour of Man U given their current run under new Manager Solskjær. The 1-1 draw in the previous encounter between the two teams will also be playing on the minds of Man U players.  They have picked themselves up from the stunning defeats from early season to comeback and salvage their pride. That said, they are gullible to upsets by lower ranking teams so will this match be a no-brainer or a debacle? One will have to wait and watch. With Betway, it is time to win big!

The fourth quarter final could see some interesting developments as Millwall are in good form and have played well in the Championship and FA earlier rounds. They would be looking to continue their good run and secure a place in the Semi-Finals. Brighton will also look to dominate from the beginning of the match and an early goal will put them on the front foot.

Once the quarter finals are through, gauging the winners of the semi- finals would be much easier. But regardless of who is favorite or which team is in-form, a quick start or a slight miss is all that is needed to tip the scales and before one realises, the whole game changes as we have seen in many of the last few matches of the cup.

Think right and root for your favorite team… or the underdog maybe?