England vs. Belgium 2-1 Highlights

Despite facing the Number 1 team in the national league and one of the best across the globe, England managed to win the game 2-1. The first half penalties saw Rushford and Lakaku swap strikes. 

The Red Devils took control of the game with the first goal by Yannick Carrasco, but it was ruled offside. England had faced a challenging game for most of the half, but they got their redemption when Henderson was pulled to the ground, and Marcus Rushford equalized for the lion through a penalty. 

There are several lessons that could be noted from the game, such as the amazing performance by Lukakau and Kevin De Bruyne. 

Encouraging performance by Belgium Stars 

Thomas Meunere showed excellent skills after creating a good pass for Yannick Carrasco in the 10th minute, which led to a spectacular goal, despite being ruled out as an offside.

The Inter Millan star player showed his prowess as he bossed the England defense in the first half of the game. Lukakau scored his 53rd goal for his nation, showing good power, persistence, a fine touch, and willingness to dribble past the lion’s defense when an opportunity arose. The Belgium forward showed his expertise with the 9th-minute header that went over the post, but he managed to score the firsts goal. 

Kevin De Bruyne proved to be a major threat to the lion’s defense throughout the game. The Manchester City player proved to be a great threat after his first shoot just 36 seconds after the game began, followed by a powerful strike in the 18th minute. It’s no wonder De Bruyne is becoming popular among people who bet on esports and fantasy football enthusiasts. 

 A stunning performance from England 

While England might be ranked as No. 1, they couldn’t hold with the systems of playing introduced by the Lions. England goalkeeper Jordan Pickford showed he is a force to reckon with after saving Kevin De Bruyne’s shot in the first half of the game and showed tremendous goalkeeping for the rest of the game. 

Although he did not play to his level best, his strike helped to calm the nerves of most betway punters when they had lost 0-1 to Belgium. The Manchester player has been shining off the field after receiving an MBE. 

 Rushford proved that he is a utility player after switching sides, which brought about an excellent effect on the attacking line, which encouraged Betway bettors. Mason showed stunning performance through his 64th strike, which gave England the win.

 The win brought about an impressive change for Gareth Southgate’s men as they moved up on the table with seven points, which marks the first defeat for The No: 1 team. However, the win was a source of pride for England’s coach, given that Belgium had defeated them twice during Russia 2018. 

Bottom Line

The most memorable highlights for the game between England vs. Belgium include Manson’s goal in the 64th minute. The Belgium stars showed a significant performance by keeping the lions under pressure in the first half of the game. Belgium got their lead through Lukakau, but Southgate’s men showed an intense effort after Rushford equalizing the strike.