Do We Miss out on the Classic Casino-Feel when Playing Pokies Online

Pokie or slot machines have long been popular in land-based casinos. It’s not hard to see why. They’re easy to play (just insert your coins and spin!), the games have cool graphics and visual effects, and the payouts can be absolutely massive. We’re talking millions of dollars from a single spin. 

There’s a threat to the original physical versions, however: online pokies. They’re quickly taking over the market, representing a large percentage of casino revenue. And despite what some might think, players often choose the online pokie not only for its many advantages, but also because it’s devoid of the pet peeves associated with the land based alternatives. 

They’re Convenient  

Let’s face it, humans can be ridiculously lazy. And going to a casino involves putting on some smart clothes (or even a suit or equivalent, depending on the dress code!), getting an Uber, and, you know, getting off the couch. For those lazy Saturday nights where you just want to relax at home, online pokies are as easy as it gets. 

You Can Access Them from Anywhere 

This is a bit of an extension of the point on convenience, but it deserves its own section. Online pokies used to be pixelated memory-hogging behemoths that were only playable on desktops or laptops. These days, online pokies are pretty much accessible from any browser and device. Whether you’re on an iPhone or Android, iPad or Amazon Fire, online pokies are just a few clicks away. 

Reward Schemes 

Yes, land-based casinos also offer reward schemes and/or loyalty programs. However, they’re not nearly as generous as the online versions. For example, when you first sign up to an online casino you often get a deposit bonus. You can use these on pokies, giving you an opportunity to get to know the games available. And if you’re lucky, you may even walk away with the jackpot using a free bet! 


Sometimes we don’t want to be surrounded by other people when playing our favorite pokies. Land-based casinos can be sociable affairs, yes, but that’s not always what you want. Online pokies give you the advantage of being able to play from the privacy of your own home. And yes, that means you can be in your most comfortable pajamas! 

Free Games 

Online pokies have one huge advantage over land-based varieties: you can play for free. Yes, many online casinos have free versions of their pokie games. Granted, you won’t win any real cash, but it’s a good way to introduce yourself to the world of online pokies. And hey, if your wallet isn’t exactly full at the minute, it’s a good alternative to really playing! 

Flexible Stakes 

Some of the best choices for online pokies offer flexible stakes. You can choose exactly which lines you want to bet on, meaning you can really finetune your bet based on your budget and preferences. You can also sometimes choose a booster or extra bonus, which will normally cost you an extra 50% on top of your overall stake. 

The Minimum Bet Is Usually Lower 

When you gamble in a land-based casino, the minimum bet will usually be higher than what is available online. Sure, you have the so-called ‘penny slots’, but the minimum total bet on these is still usually two quarters. And they’re not that easy to find, unless you’re in Vegas. 

The Sheer Number of Options 

Brick and mortar casinos will often have one or two dozen games for you to play. That can get old quick, especially if you’re a frequent visitor. Online pokies, on the other hand, offer hundreds of options. And new games are being added very often, with companies hiring talented developers and graphic designers to deliver a high-quality pokie experience. 

No Waiting 

When you want to play a game, all you need to do is visit an online casino and load up your favorite pokie machine. In casinos, however, pokies are some of the most popular games. It’s not unheard of for all machines to be taken, particularly on a busy Saturday night or during a holiday. Bit of a waste of time, if you ask me! 

No One Hovering 

You know the stereotype: that little old lady that hovers around, waiting for you to leave your pokie machine so that they can ‘steal’ your jackpot. Okay, the stereotype is a little bit unfair. But people do this all the time (not always a little old lady, of course!). And it’s irritating. Online casino pokies simply don’t have this nuisance. 

The Best For Last: Higher Payouts! 

Drumroll, please! The best thing about playing online pokies is that the payouts are higher than land-based casinos. Online pokies generally return anywhere between 92-98% as a result of lower overheads. You’re not only more likely to break even or hit a bonus round, but the jackpots also fall more frequently and are generally bigger. Becoming a millionaire from a $1 bet? It happens more than you’d think!