Crazy betting in Ireland

Gambling in Ireland. It’s a fascinating occupation and leisure for people who live in Ireland. Like the rest of the world, the Irish like to gamble, but especially sports betting and bookmaking in Ireland are extremely popular.

Gambling in Ireland is more than just sports 

In addition to the regular casino games, Ireland is also very much in love with betting. But those bets concern more than just sports. Of course, the major football leagues such as the Premier League and the Champions League attract weekly attention as they do in the rest of the world. Entire websites are filled with forecasts for the upcoming duels. And just as easily you can bet on basketball, ice hockey, baseball and cycling at the Irish bookmakers, wherever in the world the game is held and at whatever time of the day. Live betting during the games is also a big part of the game in Ireland. And did you know that horse racing is the second major sport for Ireland gamblers after football? There are many websites that help betters find the best bookmakers for them to play on. Have a look for example at, that helps people to find the best odds in Ireland. These types of websites are a great help when one wants to bet successfully thanks to some live advices and a large variety of bets.

Gambling in Ireland with bizarre betting

But what really makes the Ireland, out of all areas of the UK, a fascinating gambling nation is the fact that the betting goes much further. Within the sport, of course, more items are opened to bets. Who scores the first goal, who gets the first corner? But outside the sports games we see the real specials that make the Irish betting so famous. Indeed, you can bet on pretty anything and everything in Ireland. It’s time to list some of those bizarre bets and show you just how crazy these things can get.

Bet on Norberto Rivera Carrera?

On who? Indeed, on Norberto Rivera Carrera. If you don’t know the man, he’s a cardinal and the archbishop of Mexico City. Not someone who will win Wimbledon next year. That’s not why he’s listed with the bookies. With William Hill you can already bet on the fact that this man will be the new pope when the current pope – who still seems quite fit – dies. The bookies quoted him before 33:1. How is that for weird and crazy bets?!

Who will succeed Daniel Craig as James Bond?

After several James Bonds that didn’t fail Sean Connery and Roger Moore, Daniel Craig has made a big impression as the new Bond in the recent films. But someday he’ll stop. And who’s going to succeed him? You can bet on it now. If you bet 50 pounds on Tom Hardy, by the time you win you’ll have mostly compensated for inflation (2:1). But what if you bet on Will Smith and he becomes the new Bond? Then you can add 10,000 euros to your potential earnings.

Gambling in Ireland after the Brexit

Another interesting type of bet in Ireland: which country will follow the British in leaving the EU after their Brexit? You can bet on any country in the EU. A bet that Italy will be the first to leave the EU – and before 1 January 2027 – only yields 2:1. The Netherlands is ranked 28:1, while the Luxembourgers are the most loyal according to the bookies, 150:1. You also could bet on Trump’s re-election in 2020 by the way.

One thing we know for sure. Even after the Brexit, gambling in Ireland remains a popular activity because of the thrill and excitement it offers to people of different economic layers of the population.