Consistent Wins: Daily Strategies for Earning $100 from Football Betting


Earning $100 from betting becomes possible if the punter chooses to stay consistent. There are several bookmaking sites where punters can register and try betting on different matches. By enrolling at these sites, the punters can take advantage of free bets and other promotional offers. These free bets can be laid at betting exchanges, a concept known as Matched betting. It helps gain better knowledge about sports betting and learn how to use bankroll for consistent wins.

Matched betting works well for starters. With the experience gained, the punters can learn how to use statistical models and identify a value in any bet. The punters need to compare odds at various bookmaker sites and pick the inflated ones from the lot to take advantage of value.

All these concepts work well if the punter has learned to manage bankroll and how to assign stakes to bets. To stay in the game, the punters need to make consistent profits. If they face losses more frequently than wins, then punting is surely not for them. In this post, let’s learn about daily betting strategies that can be implemented to use bankroll systematically. These strategies can help manage losing streaks and generate income consistently.

Paroli Betting System – A system based on positive progression

Paroli betting system is based on positive progression, giving a guideline on how to spend the extra income generated from wins. The system works great when a session comprises of large number of wins. It tells to play safe if losses are faced, thereby allowing the players to prevent quick burning of the bankroll.

In the Paroli Betting System, the punter selects a winning goal and a base stake amount at the start. Suppose the bankroll is $300 in size and the aim is to win $100, then the bettor can safely choose $5 as the base amount. With every win, the stake amount is doubled. Usually, the number of wins in a streak is not more than 3. After three consecutive wins, the chances of losing the bet increase considerably as suggested by various statistical models. 

So, the punter’s spending pattern looks like – $5, $10, $10, $10, $5 and so on. As a result, punters can re-invest extra bucks to achieve the daily target of $100. However, one should take a break and stop betting if more than three losses are scored. Otherwise, the bankroll can get exhausted very soon. 

Martingale System – A system that works more often for sports bettors

Martingale system works the opposite of the Paroli system. In this betting strategy, the stake amount is doubled when the loss is faced. The bet size is increased when the previous bet is lost. Thus, it offers a feasible way of chasing the loss, without spending too much. Instead of doubling the bet with no action plan, the punters select the bet with extra caution, research it thoroughly, and then choose to stake. 

This system requires a bettor to select a winning goal and base stake amount just like the Paroli system. If the same bankroll size assumed in Paroli betting is chosen, the punters decide to stake $300 and try to win at least $50 from various bets. If $5 is selected as the base stake amount, the spending pattern goes like this – $5 (loss), $10 (win), $5(win), $2.5 (loss), and so on. By trying bets throughout the day, the punter is likely to end his bankroll in a plus, if the win instances outnumber the losing ones.

Martingale betting system is used for all speculative activities. It can lead to bankroll exhaustion if the punter loses a greater number of bets. The punters may need to try 100 bets at least to achieve an increase in the bankroll.

Labouchere betting system – a popular approach for regular bettors

This betting system determines the way a bettor should spend on ten consecutive bets. It requires the punter to fix the winning goal and the bankroll. The bets with low odds can be selected to maximize the chances of winning while using this system.

The steps involved in this system are:

  1. Determining the winning goal and bankroll. Let’s assume the winning goal is $100. The punter needs to divide it by 10. Then, he writes the quotient ten times – 10,10,10,10,10,10,10,10,10,10.
  2. The players bet the sum of $10 + $10 and reduce the queue to 8 bet amounts.
  3. The bet amounts are continuously cut off from the right and left end with every winning bet and the next bet amount is added to the queue in case of loss.
  4. The stakes corresponding to wins are selected as $20 and $30 will be added to the queue when the bet is lost. 
  5. For the first three bets, the queue will look like 10,10,10,10,10,10,10,10; 10,10,10,10,10,10 and 10,10,10,10 with the bet amount being $20. When the next bet is placed and if it yields a loss, the queue is modified as 10,10,10,10, 20. 

Thus, the bettors get a spending pattern in hand, and that allows them to have a session resulting in a boost of the bankroll if the bets are won frequently.

Recommended tipster sites for daily wins

A tipster’s support proves crucial when the punter is not able to discern clear results from research and studying of statistical models. Some of the tipster sites that can provide good tips to maximize chances of winning are:

  1. – Professional winning pick from Experts

Top sports pick ably supports the punters who have decided to place lots of bets throughout the day. Ideally, a bettor should not try more than 3-4 bets in a single session. Thus, to help them meet the profitable numbers, this tipster site can be consulted. It provides tips on various betting markets such as 1X2 fixed odds, Correct Score, Asian Handicap, and others. 

The site connects punters to some of the most promising professional tipsters whose performance over three months and the last five games is monitored. Winning percentage ranges from 80% and above, which can be of great help to the bettors when they want to achieve longer betting runs. – Winning Predictions on Mobile Devices

Football Tipsters covers football matches played at all levels in various countries. From leagues like Primera Apertura and Clausura to the UEFA Championship, every match is on the radar of the best football tipsters here. The tips are delivered on demand to mobile devices for anywhere access. Thus, the betting strategies become easier to implement with the help of lots of tips from proven experts.

This site covers about 24 leagues and tournaments and more than 100 tips in a day are available to access. Punters can select the betting markets and design strategies effectively with tips that can help them have more wins during a session. – Best betting advise for football

Betting-advise provides good support for punters who want to hit $100 a month from betting. The support is available in the form of tips on both domestic and international leagues. With vast coverage of matches, the tipster site can help punters try numerous bets in a betting session. Thus, with all the confusion cleared, the punters may score frequent wins and bet more confidently.

This tipster site tabulates how previous predictions fared. The graphical representations and statistics give a clear idea of tipster performance. With more than 100 tips to offer, the site can help have long betting sessions with surplus money in hand.


  1. What strategies can help make $100 consistently?

Making $100 from betting requires being regular and consistent. The punters can make use of betting strategies like the Martingale System, Paroli System, and others to decide the spending pattern depending on the winning goal and bankroll size. 

  • How are consistent wins possible in football betting?

Punters should continue to spend the same bet amount on winning; also, they should not spend hefty amounts in the hope of recovering. Bets whose odds are small may have a higher chance of winning. 

  • How losses can be managed to ensure consistent wins?

The use of statistical models can help predict when loss is likely to occur in a session. So, that knowledge can be used to make changes in betting patterns for consistent wins. With the use of betting systems like Martingale, one may stick to the idea of reducing the bet size on losing. 

  • What is the Loubechere betting system?

In the Loubechere betting system, a punter pre-decides the amount to bet on ten consecutive bets. These are written as a series say 5,5,5,5,5,5,5,5,5,5. The first and last number of series are added to get the bet amount and if this bet wins, these numbers are cut off. In case of loss, the queue is extended by another number which is the sum of the numbers on either end.

  • Which bets can help in achieving consistent wins?

Bets that are easy to guess can help in achieving consistent wins. Such bets are Both Teams to Score, Over-Under, and In-play bets. Accumulators and bets projected as sure bets should be avoided as these can be scams and may cause a loss.